While visiting the local zoo, my friend and I stopped at an exhibit that housed a rare wild pony. I remembered this equine soul from a zoo visit over 20 years earlier. The sign said “Rocky” was one of the oldest zoo residents.

When I'd seen him years ago, he’d trotted around the corral with a zest for life. Now, his head hung low in the corner of his covered shelter.

I sensed a heavy energy around him that had nothing to do with his advanced age.

I didn’t want this sweet old guy to suffer emotionally so I used a three step process to provide emotional relief. YOU can do the same for any animal.


First, I sent a gentle light beam of green energy flowing from my heart to his. I filled my mind with happy recollections of doing emotional re-balancing on rescued horses, then imagined wrapping these memories in a big bubble and playfully guided it to Rocky’s mind. I was telling him via pictures that I could rebalance his emotions, too, but he needed to show me he wanted this done for him.

His response whispered through my mind. HELP. I showed him mental pics of me doing acupressure on horses. To my surprise, the pony slowly turned then lumbered on stiff legs in my direction. He stopped at a safe distance from me. This was his way of giving me permission to ease his distress.


Rocky’s eyes were cloudy. He showed me via mind pictures that as his eyesight dimmed, he no longer felt safe around the throngs of visitors, and had taken to hiding in his shelter. He wasn’t getting enough exercise or variety of activities each day, ignoring the horse toys in the enclosure.

His fears of not being safe, surrounded by unknown humans (that horses see as predators), and inability to obey his instincts to run fast and far had over the years resulted in the heavy energy I sensed around him.


Since only my friend and I were at the enclosure, I tapped full EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques routines on myself on behalf of Rocky. This is called "surrogate tapping" and can be done to help others who cannot tap on themselves.

ALTERNATIVE: If other people had been around, I'd have inconspicuously massaged the Governing Vessel Meridian endpoint, under my nose, above the center of my upper lip. Stimulating this acupressure point while mentally repeating emotional release statements is extremely effective for human and animal stress relief.

As I released this sweet pony’s fears of not being safe due to his unclear eyesight, not able to run and hide from predators, I felt energy tingling and moving in my torso. Rocky's fuzzy head began bobbing up and down, as if nodding and telling me to continue the clearing.

After 10 minutes, I felt his heaviness dissipate. Rocky stared at me with soft eyes. I mentally heard, “Thank you.”


Rocky shook his body, turned away then sauntered around his corral, as if getting used to the feeling of lightness and emotional freedom. I disconnected our green heart energy, imagined him surrounded in a cloud of love and well being. "Thanks, Rocky," I whispered.

Years later I read online that this longtime zoo resident had died. But I knew that Rocky wasn’t dead. He galloped with his celestial herd around the heavens, filled with peace, joy and well being. I felt blessed to have helped him in my own small way.

YOU, my fellow Emotions Whisperers, have the same abilities to help our animals friends, wild and domesticated, anywhere in the world, even watching them on TV. Tap for them, and your intention will help shift negative energy and emotions.

Bless you for caring for all animals!

Author's Bio: 

Colleen M. Flanagan, EFT-INTc / EFTCert-1, is a mind-body-emotions expert and the author of several Amazon books including Tapping Success Scripts and Tapping Away Adult Acne. People call Colleen “The Emotions Whisperer” due to her ability to rapidly identify and release the traumatic emotional roots of most unwanted conditions. To learn more, visit Colleen's website at http://www.EmoRescue.com. Enjoy free mind-body videos, articles, books, audios and for Seniors, Colleen's Boomer Bliss articles section.