International medical experience has long surpassed the initial concept of outdated services. It is especially well illustrated by a Fertility treatment field. 

IVF, Surrogacy, Cryopreservation and Stem cell power - all these medical programs are already working for the well-being and happiness of patients. 

With the main goal - to bring a child into this world. 

Infertility treatment in different countries 

The quality level of Infertility treatment is strikingly different from country to country. 

Surrogacy in Greece, Ukraine or Canada - you can choose the country and conditions that fits you best. 

But we want to underline the main aspects that must accompany modern Fertility treatment and сorrespondingly clinics. 

Surrogacy infertility treatment must include the following aspects:

  • Reliability 

Your treatment clinic have a long term experience and reputation? 

This is one of the basis when you choose the medical establishment. It's better to monitor reviews and apply for first consultation for better understanding of the processes inside.

  • Focus

Does your clinic provide personal adapted treatment plans with coordination of a personal doctor?

Infertility is the field which requires special attention and focus on each case from one stage to another. Be sure that your case is frequently monitored and adjusted according to new tests results and health stage updates.  

  • Autonomy

Can you fulfill all necessary steps for infertility medical treatment within the walls of your clinic? 

Laboratory analysis, Surrogate or Donor selection, Genetic screening, Childbirth, Postnatal care, etc. When you have all these services in-house in a clinic - your life is becoming easier, and we do not even need to say about security and safety of your future baby in this case. 

  • Care

Are there all-around care and additional benefits in the Fertility clinic you have chosen?  

Surrogate process includes different obstacles you can face. That's why it is really important to be sure that your clinic environment will be friendly and careful. More comfort and more additional comfort services will make a baby birth an unforgettable experience. 

Surrogacy in Ukraine with ADONIS Fertility International

Ukraine is known for progressive development in the medical sphere and especially in a fertility one. 

ADONIS Fertility International is one example. We implement the latest technological achievements to make your baby birth possible.  

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies in Ukraine provide the following in-house treatment capacity:

  • Diagnostic laboratory (full of up-to-date equipment)

  • Surrogate database (with totally healthy and checked candidates)

  • Donors base (which are stored in sterile and monitored environment)

  • Cryobank (equipped with certificated boxes for storing with constant minus temperature)

  • Neonatology Department (to ensure safety and immediate help to your baby)

  • Maternity Houses (with all around care for mother and baby)

And additional non-medical services are also included for the comfort of patients:

  • Parental school

  • Legal and documents help

  • Accommodation and transfer services 

  • Sightseeing and excursions organization 

  • Informational support

  • Personal requests 

Surrogacy as one of the most successful ways of overcoming infertility are becoming more and more popular worldwide. Surrogacy of Greece or Ukraine, Canada or Turkey - is just your own choice. 

One thing you need to know - is that your procreation deserves the best service from his first days of existence. 

ADONIS Fertility International - come to us to get what you deserve.

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