Trusting your feelings and diving into the unknown; Humanity will find that there was nothing to fear and everything to experience. This unknown is only foreign to the intellectual mind; it is advantageous to surrender to the expanded part of ourselves to rediscover pure love. Surrendering to your own inner beauty will open the door to experiencing your hearts desire.

The intellectual mind feels it may lose power or control, the mind believes that it is running the show, if this were true then why don’t you have all that you imagine? Without the essence of love and the surrendering to love, your mental creations will not manifest through perfection and if they do they manifest they will be messy and won’t last. The energy that comes from your feelings is the spark that catches the mental brush and creates the flame that manifests in your life. Surrendering to love heals the illusion of separation and it is love that makes physical life worth it.

Remember this simple truth. Most of us take advantage of the fact we breath. Never thinking that one day the body will have its last breath and you the spirit within will move on. This is why it is so important to love, to explore the inner realm and be all that you in your heart know you can be.

A beautiful Master from India once said, " the wise shift their allegiance from the gifts to the giver of the gifts."

If you would like some simple exercises to fan the spark of divine love within you to create a more fulfilling life please email us and well happily give.

Heart to heart,

Author's Bio: 

Interacting with spirit has been a part of Keenya’s life since birth; as far back as he could remember his mother channeled spirit guides in support of people’s lives.
Keenya began consciously working and developing with spirit in 1995. In 2000, Keenya met one of his master teachers, Red Feather, following which he had a spiritual awakening that changed the course of his life. Since then, Keenya has devoted himself to the path of learning ancient and modern healing modalities and teachings. He studied in the mystery schools with various Masters, from both the physical and spiritual planes. Keenya integrates his skills as a 7th. Generation Reiki Master, life coach, intuitive healer, channel, guide and medium to the Casa of John of God & a ISSA certified fitness trainer. His service facilitates transformation on all levels – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual to assist people in discovering the freedom that comes from self- discovery, self-empowerment and healing. He now facilitates workshops and sacred journeys around the world.