The middle of July brought its favorites - the lilies, the phlox, the daisies. I'm not sure whether cone flowers really are supposed to grow five foot tall.

There is fierce competition in the sunny border for the land and the light. I can barely make my way through the bee balms and the cosmos, not even the weeds manage to keep up with the perennials' enthusiasm.

It rained a lot and the summer blooming plants delayed opening their buds, while their mighty foliage grew beyond reason. Among the flurry of leaves and stems, the lilies reign supreme, in an explosion of giant flowers whose fragrance reaches across the yard.

The garden is unruly again, but I finally achieved the wisdom of not fighting its prowess, I know that in this battle of wills the garden always wins. There is a clump of goldenrod asserting its rights over half of the front border and a good chunk of the lawn. It is already in bloom, so I can't trim it, I'll just admire the contrast it provides for the purple cleomes.

Sometime at the end of spring I planted petunias, but they got lost in the forest of tall stems that tower over them.
The daylilies are blessed with a glut of flowers, ready to bloom at any moment. Even the little two year old rose I thought dead sprung a flower.

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