A lot is said and written about hair care and how to make hair grow faster. Yet, the world harbors innumerable people struggling to make their hair grow and find a solution to hair loss. According to experts, not one thing works for everybody. So, if your friend could curb her hair loss with regular use of essential oils, that doesn’t mean this would work for you.

Wondering why?

Experts answer:
This is because your friend’s hair loss might be due to lack of nourishment and blood flow to scalp. This is corrected by regular massaging with essential oils, which are rich in nutrients and promote hair growth.

Your hair loss might be due to some other reason.

It could be DHT, high stress levels, prolonged use of harsh shampoo, aging, or some medical condition. You must find the root cause of hair loss and then seek appropriate treatment that targets the cause. This is the secret to dealing with hair loss successfully, explain experts.

Do you know bone broth is good for hair growth?
So are essential oils like rosemary, lavender, and clary sage, carrier oils like coconut, jojoba, and almond, and raw egg whites, juice of onion, mixture of lemon and honey, and many more.

Each natural ingredient, including bone broth, has a set of characteristics that benefit hair. Some nourish hair roots, some stimulate follicles and encourage hair growth, while some soften hair and increase their shine, and some replenish lost protein and strengthen hair. Each benefits hair by some way or the other. For example, bone broth is good for hair growth, as it contains collagen that stimulates skin of scalp.

Have you used yoghurt for hair benefits?

Yoghurt poses as a great hair mask. It deep conditions hair and nourishes it. Your tresses become soft and shiny after yoghurt treatment. They become more manageable and lively.

Experts advice to stop doing the following to let your hair get a life
• Stop shampooing your hair daily. It’s not needed. Daily shampooing snatches moisture from hair.
• Stop jerking and pulling your hair hard while detangling them. This stresses out the follicles. Hold your hair in sections and start detangling from the ends, moving upwards.
• Stop visiting the salon frequently. Perming, bleaching, coloring, straightening, and other such treatments are a torture to hair. You may love the salon-look of your tresses, but this is superficial. Deep down, you have damaged your hair.

A little extra care and a change of hair care habits go a long way in promoting hair health and growth, according to experts.

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