Looking for creative romantic ideas for him? So your boyfriend's birthday is around the corner. How are you planning to surprise him and make this day a special sweet memory he will always remember?

You may have already thought of the ordinary ideas such as buying him a nice gift, going out together for a birthday dinner, and so on. And as much as these usual ideas are ok and will certainly make him happy, what if you like to surprise him with something he doesn't expect? What if you want to plan something more creative this year?

The good news is, finding creative romantic ideas is easy. And here you are going to discover 3 fun sweet ideas for him to surprise him on his birthday.

1. Try a Fun eCard Surprise

Why not surprise him the previous day or during the day when he is checking his email at work, with a cute lovely animated ecard. You have very likely seen how ecards nowadays even have music and animated style, in which you can deliver your romantic message and make him smile.

Whether you write a heartfelt birthday romantic love poem in the ecard, or maybe it is funny light-hearted love quote, or your own unique personal message, he will appreciate your unique idea and creativity in this fun birthday surprise.

2. Relaxing Bubble Bath with a Shoulder Massage

Here's a fact: Your boyfriend is very likely to be tired physically and mentally when he gets back from work. Because as we know, life can be very busy and hectic at work - especially for men. The corporate environment is more ruthless and less forgiving for their mistakes.

So how happy do you think it makes him if you suggest a bubble bath together, and then you surprise him with an unexpected sweet shoulder massage? Not only it helps release his body tension, but also lets his mind set free of whatever happened at work today.

Your reward? Afterwards you'll have your boyfriend in a relaxed and cuddly mood, and you can enjoy the rest of the night more happily together.

3. Show Your Love by Your Actions

Want to know a secret about men? Do you know what their secret language is in showing you their affection? And how do they realize if you truly love them in the same way back?

Here's a secret: Men communicate by Actions, while us women communicate mostly with words.

To us women, receiving a heartfelt love poem or a romantic letter can melt our hearts. So ever wondered why men aren't a big fan of letters or poems most of the time? Because for men, the message all comes from the actions and what you DO.

If they ask themselves if this woman really cares for me, they will simply look at what you do when around them, instead of counting the number of times you've told them "I love you" or gave them a sweet love card.

The good news is, that makes it very easy to make your boyfriend happy. As long as you simply listen to him with your eyes and body (not just the ears), and you seek to understand and accept him fully and completely, and you come to help him when he needs you, you will stay in his mind as his princess that has deep true love for him.

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