Spirituality and accountability go hand in hand; you reap what you sow. It may not catch up to you in this life, but based on our empirical research, we believe it will eventually.

Unfortunately, we sometimes encounter people on the spiritual path who seem to rationalize bad behavior.

For example, someone lives well beyond her means as an irresponsible spendthrift. Incredulously, she believes the solution to her financial troubles includes hiring a lawyer and filing for bankruptcy, along with praying to the “gods of karma” (the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus) for forgiveness to “re-write” her soul contract.

Off the hook forever? No way.

Even if she forgives herself for the losses she caused others, she’ll have to pay back those debts eventually, even if it’s several lifetimes from now. Our findings regularly show us there is no escape from personal accountability, no matter how you rationalize it.

We recently received the following, related e-mail: “Now I realize that karma is another belief system linked to the ego believing it’s in control. I as the personality am not responsible for any of my actions -source is. Whatever I do I’m innocent. No guilt, no karma. For the past six months I have been in a state of bliss, while still remaining in the world and still playing some roles (like watching tv). I went on a vision quest two weeks ago, and the 72 hours spent alone in the woods I did not exist and had switched to being consciousness. Since returning that has continued and i spend hours a day as complete silence here, but not here, as nothing and everything.”

This person believes she has no personal responsibility and no karma. Does that mean she acts on every impulse, no matter the consequences? That’s a frightening notion. Violent criminals and other undesirables frequently hold the same conviction: innocent no matter what, no karma. These are the same people who lack a conscience and play the role of the victim when things don’t go their way.

She seems to think that she incarnated just for the fun of it, like she’s in an amusement park and life has no meaning, no higher purpose. She rejects personal accountability, karma, and personal adversity, as if she’s a two-year-old who is only concerned with her needs and desires. We recommend avoiding living like this, as you’ll cause harm to others and incur negative karma.

One of the benefits of taking responsibility for yourself and your actions is that it’s empowering. You can’t become a truly wise and spiritually aware person without doing so.

An aside, the writer mentioned she went on a vision quest and that she “did not exist” for 72 hours. Commonly, vision quests involve mind-altering drugs, which we recommend you avoid. There’s always a price to pay for such a trip, often more than one, such as a disconnection from one’s spirituality or higher self, depression and anxiety, an inability to perceive people, situations and your life realistically, and the risk of spirit or demonic possession. Life on Earth is difficult enough, but when you handicap yourself with drugs and it can become unbearable.

While we agree that much in life is fated, we believe you are always accountable in a karmic sense for your actions.‪ Imagine a world in which everyone lived this way. We can dream, can’t we? ‬‬‬‬

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