To penetrate sensitive data and confidential information, hackers are required to have some high end skills and in-depth knowledge of penetrating computer systems and network. Whenever we think of the term hacker, we envisage a gloomy image of a young tech-freak who insert few codes and commands at the computer screen and in turn get some highly confidential data and some account numbers. However, reality is not that dramatic!...Here, an ethical hacker is a person who understands and has a working knowledge of computer systems and also has the knowledge of certain tools which is incorporated to find the vulnerabilities in the working of a computer system and network.

What is CEHv7 training all about?

The Certified Ethical Hacker - CEHv7 is established and provided by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council). CEHv7 training and certification program validates and certifies the abilities of IT professionals with the skills and abilities to perform certain responsibilities in a particular job role.

CEHv7 training and certification is one of the high-in-demand IT certifications, the demands of IT professionals with this credential is soaring high all time. This is one of the best resorts for organizations, in these susceptible times, to safeguard their IT infrastructure. Every often, IT professionals are required in the organization to audit security policies and secure the sensitive data and save their business from any security wreckage.

Hired by the employers, ethical hacker’s works include realizing the loopholes in the network or the system and reporting the consequences to the owner of the system or the network. The suggested measures are also supposed to be mentioned and how to tackle the vulnerabilities is also understood and worked upon. The entire process revolves around finding gaps in the system set up and measures to rectify the security issues. This entire process is worked upon by the IT professionals who have pursued CEHv7 certification.

What is the significance of CEHv7 training and certification program?

Malicious hacking crimes are inevitable these days, with the growing technologies, the security threats are also increasing. Malicious hackers try to acquire unauthorized access to the corporate network, just to fetch some sensitive data and create trouble or steal delicate information from the systems.

Mainly, CEHv7 training enables the IT professionals to make the penetration system more complex and reduce the illegal hacking in the systems critical. Ethical hackers employ different methods to find out the vulnerabilities in the target systems.

Finding the correct professional or a candidate for such job profile is very crucial and one of the toughest decisions. Things that are supposed to be taken care of while selecting a candidate are many, like finding out whether the professional is equipped with latest knowledge of the technology, the certifications are genuine and to find out that the professional actually knows what is claimed.

What after CEHv7 training and certification?

• Security experts
• IT – Director / Manager
• IT Security Auditors
• System tray network administrators

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