Surinam. Antigua Dutch Guiana, is a state in the northeast of South America , bordered on the north by the Atlantic Ocean , on the east by French Guiana , on the south by Brazil , and on the west by Guyana
The Suriname topography consists of a marshy coastal plain stretching up to a length of 80 km to the Atlantic Ocean , from a central plateau covered with extensive savannas, dunes and jungles, and to the south, a mountainous region covered with dense jungles.
Suriname is crossed by numerous waterways, among them the Maroni, bordering the border with French Guiana ; the Courantyne, which follows the border with Guyana ; as well as Coppename, Saramacca and Suriname.
The main natural resources of Suriname are bauxite , iron , copper , nickel , as well as the wood of the immense jungles.
The population of Surinam rises to 415,000 inhabitants. While Suriname capital is one of most populated cities of the country. The most represented ethnic groups are the indo-Pakistani, who constitute about 37% of the population, and the Creoles (of both African and Amerindian origin), who represent 31% of the population. They are also descendants of indigenous tribes (3%), Chinese (2%) and European (1%) descendants of slaves who fled in the interior (10%), Amerindians.
It has a climate of equatorial type, very warm and humid, with annual temperatures between 23 ° and 32 ° C.
In addition to Dutch, Creole languages are spoken such as Sranang Tongo, English, Hindustani Caribbean (Hindi dialect) and Javanese.

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