You made enough arrangements took off from work, waited for suitable weather but the climate had something else planned! It started to rain on the very day you decided to do the painting job! You will have to tackle the situation as it is. You cannot simply stop work due to rain!

If you are looking for a professional commercial painter in Melbourne then they will be able to carry out the work in all types of weather conditions as they are trained to do so. It is no hard and fast rule that you cannot carry out painting during rains. In this article, you will get to know of the surefire ways of how you can continue with commercial and house painting in spite of winter rains.

  • Check the temperature of the room as the minimum temperature required for painting is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit! If the temperature falls in this range then you are good to go. Also, it is advisable to check the directions related to the temperature requirements on the paint you are using. If the temperature falls below the given range then just heat up a room heater and continue with your painting work!

  • Next what you can do is warm up the temperature of the surface. Once the room temperature is set, you need to work on the very surface that needs to be painted. Same way here also you need to keep the surface temperature within the said limit. Once your room reaches the set temperature, subsequently the walls too will warm up so by the time this happens you can do the task of cleaning it up as paint is not applied on dirty walls!

  • Since its raining outside and humidity is there, the air will be a bit moist so it is advisable to allow extra time for the paint to dry. You need not skip this process. Once the painting is done, you can open up the doors and windows for additional ventilation as this will hasten up the drying job!

  • If you planned to do exterior painting but the task got interrupted due to rains then worry not. If it has already rained, allow few hours for the walls to dry, if you wanted to go for oil paint then you need to think twice as it is not advisable to paint on wet walls using oil paint. Latex paint is ideally the best choice during winter rains as they can work well even if the walls are wet. The outside ideal temperature to paint is around 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the temperature falls in this range you may resume your work!

Do not get laid back and make a fuss due to the ongoing rains. Climatic changes are a part of life. Have a set attitude to face any challenges that come towards you. The next time you approach any interior house painters in Melbourne make sure to deal with them about the uninvited weather conditions and the credibility of their work at those times!

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