Christmas is here already and we all prepare ourselves to let go of the old year and welcome the new one that is coming up. The New Year is one breath away! Smile! It is a fact that time flies, especially when life is full of purpose and is led by a constant development of positive mindset. The path to success includes taking action in addition to visualize.

Applying a Positive Mindset every day does not allow you to lose interest in life. Our powerful mind is by nature able to continually think and visualize specific ways and new steps on how to create a better tomorrow. That goes for all the areas of life.

We all want healthy relationships, strong family bonds, financial freedom and happiness. Because of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays being at our doorstep, a word entered my mind spontaneously: Luck. What a great word. It is a word that we always include in our given best wishes for ourselves and others who need it in order to achieve something, a specific goal.

I decided for a moment to put aside the broad meaning of “Luck” as being something very nice that shows good intentions and gives courage which it sure does and dug a little deeper…

Without wanting to sound cynical or harsh, I would like to say that I don’t believe so much in luck. Let’s define Luck now, shall we? Luck is something good that we visualize and we are waiting to come in to our lives. The fact that we are nobly sitting back and await makes us inactive. By only waiting and visualizing what we want to happen to our lives is definitely not enough to make it happen.

Instead I will say and support this statement with every inch of my existence, body and soul that taking action towards our desires, dreams and goals is the only way that we will be successful with our future plans. Luck does not really exist. It seems to be more like something that some weak personalities have invented in order to avoid the acting part of the process required towards goal achieving plans.

On the contrary, the Law of Attraction does exist and if all of us understood how powerful this is, it would have a great impact in our lives and others. And that is because everything starts within us, with a simple thought.

We are pure energy and our thoughts create our reality. When we wait for things to come, without constantly acting towards achieving our specified (clear) goals, what we get is a deal breaker. To speak with percentages I vote and give 98% importance to our mindset (the way we think, act and how we see ourselves and life) and a tiny 2% to luck, and that is because we are in the start of the Luck week and it definitely deserves a little credit! It is a very kind wish but it is only a wish.

Author's Bio: 

Joanna Vaiou owns a Personal Development Home Business.

Her focus is on helping people realize and honor their true capabilities and potentials in life by offering her guidance through a successful business mindset development program, pertaining 1) Personal Development education and 2) Internet Marketing training for the most aspired and career oriented individuals interested in Online Entrepreneurship.