One of the most common ailments today is an under or over active thyroid. It is also one of the easiest to fix. Most thyroid problems are caused by a lack of iodine. In today’s times, the soil in which our food grows has become so depleted of its essential nutrients that it is no wonder why so many people are stricken with thyroid based issues.

By using proper nutrition high in foods that support your thyroid, you can easily bring your body back into balance.
The most important nutrients for proper thyroid function are iodine, selenium, copper, essential fatty acids and iron. The list below contains the foods highest in these nutrients. Try to incorporate as many of them as possible into your diet.

Haddock and cod- High in iodine
Eggs- High in iodine and selenium
Onions- High in iodine and selenium
Iodized salt- High in iodine
Artichokes- High in iodine
Pineapple- High in iodine
Beef liver-High in selenium and copper
Shellfish- High in selenium and essential fatty acids
Mushrooms- High in selenium
Garlic- High in selenium
Sunflower seeds- High in selenium, essential fatty acids and copper
Brazil nuts- High in selenium
Turkey- High in selenium
Flaxseed- High in essential fatty acids
Leafy vegetables- High in essential fatty acids and iron
Walnuts- High in essential fatty acids
Coconut oil- High in essential fatty acids
Red meat- High in iron
Beans- High in iron

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