Over the last decade many people have taken control of their own health. After some research and educational process, the diet was the first front of attack. Eliminating some of the worst culprits from the diet and replacing them with better food choices is the number one priority. Not having time in our busy lifestyle to prepare proper meals all the time we realize we need something more to fill this gap.

There is no shortage on information about supplements and you quickly discover of all the options. Standing in front of a big shelf full of bottles filled with tablets and capsules becomes confusing. Finding the right one is not unlike trying to pick the winning numbers in lotto.

Not just any supplement will do!

Some vitamins are a waste of money and not making you healthier! After many people are using dietary supplements over the last decade, or so: Has this made them any healthier? Over all, it doesn't seem so.
There are several factors to consider:

• Nothing can replace a toxin free whole food diet to get good health! You must eat the highest quality diet.

• Supplements should only be used additionally, not to replace a good diet.

• Unhealthy or bad lifestyle cannot be replaced by taking bottles of vitamins and saying I am OK because I am taking my supplements. Our biological body doesn't work like that!

As per research: Multivitamins are the most popular ones chosen to make up for poor diet, which is the right direction. But do we know what those supplements are and how they are made.

Are they synthetic?

What are synthetic vitamins?

You could take some of the many, taking a synthetic multivitamin unknowingly what they actually are. They are easy to find, even while doing your shopping in any large chain or discount store.

Synthetic vitamins are known as "isolates". Your body will only absorb a very small percentage of an isolate form of mineral or vitamin because it is not natural. Depending on the quality and dosage, besides changing the color of your urine they can have several other side effects as well. Synthetic nutrients are not a product from nature only and not giving you the benefit you would expect. Taking supplements, it is not a matter of how many; it is a matter of quality. The more supplements you take the less your body absorbs.

Studies have shown that synthetic nutrients are not absorbed in a normal way by your body and are a foreign substance and discharged with little or no benefit to your health.

Be aware of supplement additives. Most supplement makers have added flowing agents into their capsules such as magnesium, sodium, calcium stearate which can affect certain cells and the immune system.

Whole food first and then the supplements!

Of course, supplements are good if they are natural, organic; they are better in a liquid form for quick absorption in to your blood stream. It is paramount to have your diet corrected before even the best supplement can have its effect and for the body to absorb to get the full benefit from it.

Once you begin to eat the right food, you will find that every aspect of your life will change. You will feel better, you'll lose weight, you will have more energy, you'll be better at work, and even you sex life will improve. The benefits of eating healthy are almost too many to list.

When all this is in place than it is time to seek the right supplement and this combination will have a huge improvement in your overall quality of life and health.
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My name is Josef Bichler. I have a passion for wellness and showing others how to live healthy lives. I have corrected my own health problems with the use of alternatives only and helping others to achieve their health objectives through lifestyle changes, detoxifying their body and through understanding the benefits of eating healthy. For more ongoing health information subscribe to my free weekly newsletter at www.healthythenaturalway.com