Even though you might have enjoyed the sun-kissed glowing of your skin after hours of basking in the sun during your youthful days, you might be having it rough now. Excessive exposure to sunlight without the correct protection damages your skin and may result in premature wrinkles and lines, freckles and sunspots. Fortunately, your board-certified dermatologists at Northstar Dermatology strive to help patients look and feel their best by offering exceptional treatments for sun damage in Fort Worth, TX. To get started, schedule a consultation today by calling the office or use the online scheduling tool.

How does sun exposure affect your skin?

Exposure to sunlight stimulates the production of Vitamin D in one's body, but might not always be that friendly to your skin. The energy dissipated by the sun moves in waves or invisible and visible rays.

Long waves, like those created by a microwave, will not cause any damage to your skin. However, the short waves, such as UV and UVA rays, may affect your skin. The UVB rays affect the skin surface, thus causing sunburn. On the other hand, the UVA rays move deeper into one's skin and disrupt your skin cells' functioning, impacting the growth and appearance.

What are the prevalent sun damage problems?

The most common aesthetic concerns that manifest as one ages are either caused or heightened by excessive sunlight exposure. The most common sun damage problems are:


Wrinkles and lines are a common phenomenon with aging. Sun damage might impact your skin’s structure that results in premature wrinkling.


Excessive exposure to UV rays from tanning beds and the sun causes the development of sunspots. These spots appear following the heightened growth of your skin melanin, the pigmented skin cells.


Freckles are prevalent, especially in fair-skinned persons. These small, brown dots come from excess sun exposure. Similar to sun spots, freckles appear following the increased growth of melanin cells.

Skin Cancer

Sun exposure might also put you at risk of developing skin cancer - one of the most prevalent forms of cancer in the US.

What to expect with sun damage treatment?

The providers at Northstar Dermatology take a personalized approach to address the patient's damaged skin. Your treatment plan is developed based on your medical history or sun damage problem you have. Northstar Dermatology provides various treatment alternatives for patients with sunspots, including cryotherapy, dermabrasion, laser treatment, medications, and chemical peels. 

Those suffering from freckles might be advised by skilled dermatologists to use sunscreen lotion with an SPF of 50 to avoid freckles' further development. In case the freckles are affecting your appearance, your dermatologist will address them using laser therapy. For skin cancer, surgical excisions are recommended. Other treatments, including radiation or chemotherapy, can be blended to help with skin cancer treatment.

Northstar Dermatology seeks to meet and exceed patient's needs through personalized aesthetic care. If sun-damaged skin makes you feel less-confident or affects your overall wellness, call Northstar Dermatology, or go online to request a consultation today.

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