Welcome to the “high-octane” beast mode SuperHuman pre workout by Alpha Lion. For those of you who aren’t to pleased with filling yourself to the brim with Caffeine Alpha Lion can serve as a good alternative. While there are stimulant free pre workouts, supplements like the Alpha Lion with mediocre degree of Caffeine is another alternative. There are some pre workouts out there that serves Caffeine even as high 600mg. Alright enough with the talk! lets proceed with the actual SuperHuman pre workout review because we have more than just a supplement here!

SuperHuman Pre Workout Ingredients Review
We will begin with the SuperHuman pre workout review with the ingredient analysis. The serving amount for one scoop is about 9.1g and the rate at one scoop the container lasts for 42 total scoops and the ingredients per scoop are as follows;

12.5mg of Niacin
Niacin is also called Vitamin B3 helps in improving cholesterol levels by boosting HDL levels and restraining triglycerides. It also reduces the LDL levels(bad cholesterol) slightly. Sounds like an odd ingredient to be fused with a pre workout right? However there is a reason for using Vitamin B3. Apart from improving cholesterol levels and helping treat Type 1 Diabetes, it amplifies brain function and can increase blood flow which is very important during workouts and increase HGH(Human Growth Hormone) production. Also it improves skin function and some studies show that it might help prevent some types of skin cancer. The recommendation for Niacin for Men is 16mg daily and for Women 14mg. Which again proves that 1 scoop is the best.

250mcg of Vitamin B12
Supports blood, brain and nerve health and vital for energy production. Because Vitamin B12 assists in the production of red blood cells and that initiates energy production. Additionally Vitamin B12 assists amino acid and DNA synthesis, lowers risk for cardiovascular disease and prevent certain cancers as well. We have talked about Multivitamins in depth previously.

50mg of Sodium
Usually sodium is tied with a red flag given that it has been a major contributor for heart diseases, high blood pressure. But that’s only because we consume too much than the recommended daily amount of less than 2,300 mg! However sodium is proportional to the level of fluid in body. Therefore healthy sodium levels are associated with enhanced stamina, endurance and quick recovery. Sodium also regulates muscle contraction, nerve function, blood volume and regulates fluid levels in your body.

150mg of Caffeine Anhydrous
The most concentrated form of Caffeine without water which should drive your focus to the sharpness of a needle.

50mg of DiCaffeine Malate
75% Caffeine and 25% Malic Acid. It is a buffered form of Caffeine and it extends the effects of a pre workout boost to last as long as possible. Also it prevents the “crash” people experience after high Caffeine doses. Superhuman pre workout utilizes “Infinergy,” which is the patented form of dicaffeine malate. And what you must know is that the total Caffeine amount now is around 187mg per scoop with the DiCaffeine Malate.

37.5mg of N-Methyl Tyramine HCL
This is basically an organic trace amine found naturally in the human body and it is a stimulant of the central nervous system.

50mg of Theobromine
You are getting plenty of Theobromine if you are a dark chocolate lover. It is a naturally occurring chemical compound found even in herbal tea. Promotes weight loss, lowers blood pressure, improves brain and heart function, improve cholesterol levels, reduce risk of cancer, increases air flow in lungs and much more. Simply stated Theobromine is nothing but an extended and healthier version of Caffeine with longer lasting effects.

7000mg of L-Citrulline Malate
We have a whole post dedicated to L-Citrulline Malate. To give you a brief understanding its primary objective is the increase in nitric oxide production improving blood flow during workouts. This results in higher workout efficiency and more endurance. Additionally it helps in regulating blood pressure.

500mg of L-Taurine
Taurine scientifically referred to as 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid is the second most abundant amino acid found in skeletal muscle. Taurine increases the brain concentration power allowing you to focus more in the gym and have that vital neuro-muscular connection going. Better muscle contractions, less fatigue, optimized cellular hydration resulting in enhanced muscle function and hindering muscle breakdown are some of the most important aspects for bodybuilders. Apart from these Taurine regulates blood sugar levels, extends workout durations and aids in quicker recovery.

375mg of Nitrosigine
Also known as Arginine Silicate, it boosts nitric oxide production and increases blood flow during workouts, although itself isn’t a stimulant. Aids in bone health, muscle recovery, reduced muscle damage, wound healing and enhanced cognitive function. The recommended usage is 750 mg to 1,500 mg per day, however you don’t have to be disheartened because in here there is a fusion of ingredients including Citrulline Malate.

50mg of S7
S7 stands for seven ingredients. Broccoli, Kale, Blueberry, Green coffee bean extract, Green tea extract, Turmeric extract and Tart cherry. Helps the body synthesize its own nitric oxide and deliver incredible long lasting pumps.

1600mg of Beta Alanine
The first component of the Superhuman Strength Matrix. Again we have a whole post dedicated to Beta Alanine. Briefly described, it is an ingredient that reduces muscle fatigue, has antioxidant properties, anti aging properties and enhancing immunity.

1250mg of Betaine Anhydrous
Betaine increases the hydration in your cells resulting in increasing endurance and ultimately enhancing performance in the gym. This is the final component of the Superhuman Strength Matrix.

175mg of L-Theanine
Theanine is a special stimulant unlike Caffeine. Because it enhances focus and concentration excluding the jittery feeling that Caffeine delivers. It also supports calmness which is another plus point. However Theanine combined with Caffeine has a narrowed focus and concentration, more cognitive support which is intensely helpful when lifting.

25mg of Astragin
Astragin is a natural catalyst for good health and aids in the intestinal absorption of the other pre workout ingredients and Astragin itself is a patented ingredient.

2.5mg of BioPerine(Black Pepper Extract)
BioPerine again is a great absorption enhancer. Also increases metabolism by increasing thermogenesis, elevates Dopamine and Serotonin levels, Improves immune system and memory and mental skills.

SuperHuman Pre Workout Side Effects
The usual side effects of any pre workout applies to SuperHuman as well. Nonetheless the plus side here is the reduced jittery effects of Caffeine because of Theanine. Apart from that you might feel a bit of itchy sensation because of the Beta Alanine.

SuperHuman Pre Workout Usage and Summary
We believe that this SuperHuman pre workout review will serve as a comprehensive guide to anyone interesed in using this. Although Alpha Lion SuperHuman pre workout doesn’t contain any intense stimulants to drive your neurotransmitters through the roof, it delivers an above average dose of Caffeine with the reverse effects reduced. The taste is pretty good and the pump you get is worthwhile. But if you are into heavy stimulants this might not be for you. Start out with half a scoop if you are a total newbie and increase the amount with your progress in the gym. Also seek the advise of a health professional who is familiar with your body chemistry. Halt if you experience any unusual side effects.

Alpha Lion SuperHuman Woman Review
SuperHuman Woman Review
The SuperHuman pre workout review for Women. A distinguished pre workout dedicated to Women who wants to keep fit. We will have an overview of this version of SuperHuman pre workout as opposed to a complete review. It is labeled as a hormone balancing performance drink for women and contains all the benefits of a pre workout. The manufacturers describe the supplement as ‘invigorating morning hydrating elixir formulated to improve the quality of life for the millions of active women who suffer from hormonal imbalances that lead to fatigue, mood swings, stress, cramping, hormonal acne, and it goes on extensively.. We will take a closer look at the supplement for ourselves and decide what’s what;

Alpha Lion Superhuman Woman
Since we have reviewed some common ingredients like Sodium, Taurine and BioPerine previously, we will focus on the unique and main ingredients here. Similar to the previous analysis, the ingredient amounts are as per serving in one scoop which is 9g.

200mg of EnXtra® for the focus and concentration that lasts for five hours and it is used in place of Caffeine to avoid the jitters. And more importantly it does not effect the heart rate or blood pressure.
200mg of KSM-66 Ashwagandha is the highest concentration of Ashwagandha, and this is a common ingredient in many supplements. Known for reducing stress and handling anxiety well Ashwagandha is even consumed separately.
500mg of L-Tyrosine aids the body in producing neurotransmitters that helps nerve cells communicate and helps the body produce enzymes, thyroid hormones and melanin.
150mg of Diindolylmethane or DIM for blocking the effects of excess estrogen. Because excess estrogen can amplify PMS symptoms, mood swings and bloating.
500mg of Acetyl-L-Carnitine for boosting energy levels and promoting fat loss by converting fat acids into energy to be utilized.
2000mg of Myo-Inositol for aiding anxiety, depression, panic disorder, high cholesterol and diabetes. Basically it promotes dopamine and serotonin production reducing depression and anxiety.
400mcg of Folate for converting carbohydrates into energy, produce DNA and RNA, mood uplifting, prevention of birth defects and much more health benefits.
50mg of Vitamin B6 for mood improvement and reduce depression symptoms, treating symptoms of PMS, prevent clogged arteries and improve brain health. Overall good for treating premenstrual symptoms and depression associated.
The other main ingredients listed are Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorous, Zinc, Magnesium, Cocoabuterol, Chaste Berry Extract, Carbs and Chromium.

Alpha Lion Superhuman Woman
Benefits of Alpha Lion SuperHuman Woman
The primary focus of this pre workout is to help you eliminate PMS and keep your fitness going throughout the month. Your body should be well hydrated and hormones balanced if you stick to this formula for a considerable amount of time. Alpha Lion Superhuman Women helps immensely in elevating mood and producing the pleasure hormones so that your mood swings remain at bay.

Alpha Lion Superhuman Woman balances the hormones very well regulate symptoms of PMS and cramps. It also plays an important role in weight management by reducing hunger cravings and boosting fat burning during workouts. Most significantly the energy surge delivered is clean and well received without any aftermaths.

Same as the previous, If you are a total beginner it is best to start with half a scoop just to see how your body chemistry reacts with it. Then as you progress in strength and endurance, you can consider proceeding with one or two scoops depending on the nature of your workouts. You can mix it with water or any liquid you prefer and choose to have it any time of the day. However since its a pre workout, consuming before the gym is appropriate to reap the full benefits. As always contact a health professional just to be on the right track and have your mind at ease.

In addition to the SuperHuman pre workouts for Men and Women, Alpha Lion also SuperHuman Burn that functions as a pre workout fat burner, SuperHuman Pump which is a stim free pre workout and Superhuman Protein functioning as a Whey Isolate and many more top quality Superhuman supplements.

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