The SuperBabyOnline is a one-stop-shop to address your child's learning and development needs and is an ideal blog for parenting. The SuperBaby products available for purchase are all centres around learning and development. The 'Alphabet' model will expose your child to the same concept using multiple forms of media that will help them learn new ways to communicate, prompt their first words, and also empower their retention capabilities. Needless to say this is also a fun tool of learning for children between the ages of eighteen months up to four years. This kit will help your child understand the English alphabet faster is less mundane ways because of its multiple media options. The 'Mini' and 'Premium' kits are priced at Rs. 1,299 and Rs. 2,499, respectively. Both of them contain the alphabet DVD, activity sheets, flash card, and calendar book, while the Premium kit will include a learning mat and magnetic board.

The Animal kit is suitable for children between the ages of six months up to three years - it's a unique and fun way where your child will increase his or her retention power, improve communication, and recognize different types of animals. This is a sure way to grow their vocabulary too and understand their environment. With this, you are also most likely to notice how their hand to eye coordination and motor skill recognition skills will also grow. The Animals 'Mini Kit' starts at an affordable price of Rs. 1,299, and 'Musical Mat' at Rs. 1,499 and the premium kit at Rs. 2,499. The latter also includes finger puppets too so that children and parents can have enjoyable bonding time as they begin their learning journey.

The Little Explorer, ideal for children between the ages of two and give are treated to an adventure as they learn skills that are useful for them for their studies and formative years. The Little Explorer incorporates learning where a child can hone his or her imagination skills, creativity and their problem-solving too. Apart from this, the package claims that it will improve a child's cognitive and memory skills. The Little Explorer Mini Mat is priced at Rs. 1,299; the Magical Drawing Mat is Rs. 1,499 and the Premium Little Explorer Kit is Rs. 2,499 and includes items like jigsaw puzzles and drawing mats - they are fun ways to keep children occupied rather than glue them to addictive games such a PlayStation and other virtual reality games that do not incorporate any learning in it.

The Numbers game is a popular choice for parents who wish to increase numerical skills in their children between the ages of eighteen months and four years. Not only would this package enhance children’s numerical and logical skills, they are sure to increase their vocabulary, cognitive powers, problem solving, and analytical powers, too. The basic packaging is Rs. 1,299 and the Premium is offered for Rs. 2,499. SuperBabyOnline also has kits designed to increase reading skills in children as well.

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