If you have a teppanyaki grill or are interested in acquiring one, there’s nothing better than having the complete toolset to make the most from it. You’re guaranteed to feel like the professional chefs while crafting delicious recipes.

If you’re wondering what tools to use, look no further than Bite My Bun’s detailed article explaining what each tool is for and why they’re the absolute must-haves for any teppanyaki aficionado.

To give you a quick run through the must-haves, remember that you will always need heavy duty, high-quality tools. Stainless steel is always preferred for better durability, and robust wooden handles are the perfect combination with it.

Any full toolset will include the most essential tools: a spatula, knife, fork and a grill scraper. Multiple sets will also include squirt bottles so you can use them to add water, oil or sauces to your teppanyaki grilling.

A spatula is often confused with a turner in the Teppanyaki world, since they are very similar. But keep into account that they’re not the same thing. They’re available in multiple shapes and sizes and even in variations depending on the max temperature they can withstand.

You won’t be using a regular fork for this, teppanyaki cooking calls for a 2-tine pot fork since it has tines that curve to the outside, which allow it to pierce even the thinnest beef slices. It can also be very useful to hold meat while you carve it.

When you use a teppanyaki grill, cleanup becomes much more important to make sure you get perfect results every time. That’s where a grill scraper comes into play since it picks up any leftover food particles that might stick to the surface of your grill. The scrapers for flat grills come in multiple shapes and sizes, however there are also some designed for wire grills.

Squeeze or squirt bottles might not seem necessary but they are very useful, just make sure you don’t spend too much on them. Any bottle will work. They’re especially useful when you’re handling costly ingredients so you can add precise amounts while cooking.

Aside from the tools we mentioned before, it’s important to consider that less popular tools, such as kitchen shears, are also very useful while creating delicious dishes. Heavy duty tongs are a nice addition to any kitchen and this is no exception. 

Kitchen shears are especially designed to handle food preparation since they are much more flexible than traditional scissors. Choose your shears depending on your particular needs, so check if you can cut bones, joints and/or small items and ingredients.

When choosing tongs, check their shape and functionality. Some are better suited for handling small or delicate food items while others have spoon-like ends so you can hold and transport loose ingredients. Others have fork-like ends so they can also pierce and have a better grip.

Additionally, you can look into getting other tools that improve the teppanyaki experience as a whole. For example, you could buy a Teppanyaki Japanese Bowl set to match. They’re usually made out of ceramic and are decorated to resemble the region they are from.

Finally, chef hats are a nice touch since they help keep hair from falling into your meals but they also look amazing. Getting a chef hat is a nice way of getting into character when preparing to entertain your friends or family to enjoy the delicious flavor of teppanyaki cooking.

Whether you still don’t have a specific dish in mind or you want to be able to cook vegetable teppanyaki, this set of tools is bound to provide you with all the things you’ll need to make it happen.

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