Are you sick and tired of your English and stressed that you are not learning as much as you could? Do you think English could be made more applicable to YOUR LIFE and the things that you truly LOVE TO DO?

Is there a fun and amazing way to learn English effectively while improving your life in

the course? Yes, there is. It is called ‘LIFESTYLE ENGLISH’ and this is one of the best and effective ways to true, lifelong fluency in this language. Whatever your level or technique, if you are learning English, you can benefit increasingly more from new chances to utilize, practice and improve your English with habits that are fun, natural and helpful. If you really utilize these opportunities to heart and decide to follow them, it will completely revolutionize your English and make the way for your very own crisp new vision of English. Neither your English nor you will ever be the same!

Look at these 5 best recommendations for how to execute Lifestyle English into your daily schedule.


These are free, audio programs that can be downloaded. You can play it on your i-pod, cell phone or an MP3 player. You can tune in to the daily news, interviews or anything else you are interested in. To maximize your time and make a daily habit out of it, it is recommended to listen to these podcasts in your car or on the bus or while walking. This will help you to use your free time to the fullest.


Did you know that with an Internet connection you could tune in to live radio direct from almost anywhere in the planet? You can stream some interesting radio stations, which you can’t stop listening to. If you find some cool stations with some lively music, you will impress people at your house parties. You can put it on any mobile device that has android or ios operating system. It is also compatible with windows. You can listen to the radio in your car, while cooking at home, while getting dressed up in the morning or any casual space of time.

Making convenient and effortless attempts of using your time for daily habits is critical!


This is the most trending and the amazing way to learn English. You can turn on the English subtitles to watch the videos.Get the whole season of series downloaded and watch one episode per night with English audio and subtitles. You can make this more interesting by keeping a challenge for yourself. Try watching the episode without subtitles if you understand more than 70 – 80%. You will find that you will easily adapt to listening and understanding the language. Movies are also a good option but the problem with movies is that they are quite lengthy and it becomes difficult for watching movies to become daily habits. Web series content is indeed engaging but allows you to pause at your disposal.


Music is a part of English speaking culture that everybody takes an interest in and not many people take advantage of. A song could be the origin of several

expressions and articulations that you use every day normally. List down your personal favorites and print out the lyrics so that you can understand what they are saying. It must be your favorite song already, hence it will likely be difficult to forget and you will learn perfect pronunciation and collocation. Few tips for you:

It is okay if you do not understand: Even a native English speaker would find it difficult at times to understand half of the lyrics. Just print out the lyrics.

If you have an i-pod or i-phone, add the lyrics to the song or download a music app on your phone, which will give you lyrics of the song you play. As you listen to the song, you can read the lyrics and understand the song. It is really effortless and quite useful when done on long trips.


If you need to gain more conversation practice, then you have to grasp every available and accessible opportunity. Be a part of groups of like – minded English learners to practice speaking in English. Paying for focused group English lessons is a great and effective method for ensuring regular conversation practice every single week. You precisely need to line out the need of speaking English and the areas in your personal as well as life where you need to implement and use the English language. Such English learning and speaking groups may offer

even more of a social component to your studies as you will meet other learners like yourself. A one to one course also may suit you better if you are short of

time and need more personalized and customized lessons.

“The limits of your language are the limits of your world.” - Ludweg Wittgenstein


• English is all around you. You just have to OPEN YOUR EYES. Begin focusing on the songs you hear, the TV shows that you like, the alternatives you already have right in front of you. You just have to WAIT AND WATCH. You have to be curious and see what occurs.

• Next recommendation: DEVELOP DAILY HABITS. If you do something consistently, not only will you learn much more rapidly, however the act of doing it gets simpler and simpler precisely in light of the fact that it turns

into an automatic habit. It’s like brushing your teeth or taking shower. You are so used to doing it that you feel terrible when you don’t do it. Also, remember that to be great at anything, you need to do it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

• Why would English be any different? In any case, to do it consistently does not mean you need to study it. The Gifted Few understand that English is not something you study, however something you co-ordinate and integrate into what your identity is. They are the ones who already get it and they are hustling ahead with their English such that individuals just studying it can never get a handle on. They are utilizing it to take a plunge

into their fantasies and interests. They absorb it like sponges, connect it with their inclinations, careers and Facebook status to an international

world that is here and accessible for anyone who needs to open their eyes to it. It is an integral part of their day. They can’t survive without it. They

won’t ever forget since it’s what their identity is and it is the entryway to who they are turning out to be.

What we see: We all know a couple of English learners who are really fluent and we all struggle to understand how they do it. We look at them and are overwhelmed at how normal they make it look. We all credit their fluency to either to their natural talent, hard work or the school they went to. How they really do it: If you ask the extremely fluent speakers how they did it,


How will I do it : To be brilliant at something, you have to do it consistently and

do it with eagerness.

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit. “- Aristotle

During this era of globalization, the internet and the flood of Western Pop culture including TV shows, Hollywood movies and music, we are already swimming in a

world of English. Plunge in!

With some guidance, motivation and enthusiasm, you can start adopting these practices that will transform not only your learning process but also you as an


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