The Primordial Energy (Adi Shakti) has 2 streams 1) spiritual 2) material. Spiritual energy is called Gayatri and material energy is called Savitri. Gayatri has 1 face because it represents Non-duality and oneness of soul. Savitri has 5 faces. The body is made up of 5 gross elements. Its 5 sense organs experience sound, form, taste, smell and touch with the help of 5 Tanmatras (subtle element). Vibration of consciousness i.e. the 5 Pranas (Vital Forces) control our bodily movements and its presiding deity is Savitri. The 5 sense organs of Knowledge and the 5 sense organs of Action help us in our daily living.

The subtle body is made up of 5 sheaths. In scientific terms they are called Physical Body, Astral Body, Mental Body, Causal Body and Cosmic Body. In spiritual terms they are called Food Sheath, Vital Force Sheath, Mental Sheath, Intellectual Sheath and Bliss Sheath. Within these sheaths are infinite storehouses of Sidhis and divine powers. They are the 5 deities that dwell in our body. As long as they sleep i.e. lie latent, man leads a life of weakness and poverty. As soon as these sheaths awaken, theSe 5 deities help man prosper both materially and spiritually. In the Dakshin Marg spiritual practices, Gayatri predominates and in the Vaam Marg spiritual practices, Savitri predominates. Desire based devotion is of Savitri type. As per the requirement Beej (seed) Mantras are used. Gayatri is used for soul upliftment. The 3 Beej Mantras of Bhu, Bhuva and Sva are conjoined to it which uplifts our gross, subtle and causal bodies. In Brahmavarchas spiritual practices, both are included.

In the wisdom aspect of the 5 faced Savitri, 5 precepts have to be adhered to in various arenas. In our ordinary life hard work, management, economy, cooperation and gentlemanliness are the 5 precepts to be followed. These 5 precepts vary according to the different fields in which they are adhered to. These 5 precepts give success in different arenas and they in fact are the 5 deities.

Amongst the innumerable energy streams of Gayatri, Savitri is extremely close by and very potent. Both Gayatri and Savitri are so intensely bound to one another that they appear to be one. In reality both are like the body (Savitri) and soul (Gayatri). In order to benefit both materially and spiritually, one should meditate on them.


Wisdom consciousness has 2 aspects. One is Prajna (subtle intellect) and the other is Budhi (gross intellect). With the help of the subtle intellect one realizes the cosmic soul (God). Our gross intellect helps us carry out various tasks of the material world in which we live. The gross intellect lies in the head region and the subtle intellect lies in our psyche. Gayatri is the presiding deity of the subtle intellect (Prajna) and that of the gross intellect is Saraswati. As per one’s requirement, one must imbibe both these.

Saraswati is the Goddess of art, music, literature etc. She encompasses thinking, sacred sentiments and affection. Saraswati’s Veena (musical instrument) symbolizes music, book symbolizes thinking and Her vehicle peacock symbolizes art.

In the worldly sense Saraswati is said to be the Goddess of education. In various educational institutions, Vasant Panchmi (Indian calendar) is celebrated as Saraswati’s birthday. Education means converting a beast into a human being and giving eyesight to a blind man. Pious thinking helps one become a true human being and pious thinking is the function of the gross intellect. Credit is given to the gross intellect when one advances materially. It is very much appropriate that it is looked upon as Saraswati’s blessings. Without this grace man would be living a life of an animal roaming in the jungle. Saraswati is worshipped so as to teach mankind the importance of education and advancement of one’s intellect. In a certain sense it is the worship of the intellectual aspect of Gayatri Super Power.

It is said that men of weak intellect like Kalidas, Vardacharya, Nopadera etc. meditated on Saraswati and only then were they revered as great scholars of their times. It means that they made intense efforts to focus their minds and thus their intellectual powers bloomed forth.

These great men in the past must have activated their otherwise weak intellect and thus attained intellectual proficiency. This is nothing but Saraswati worship. Method of meditation is an important aspect of emotional sciences. Spiritual practices give greater results when they include faith and oneness of soul. Scholars of psychology accept that spiritual practices (Sadhana) is as important and potent as exercising, studying, working hard etc. It then manifests the mysteries and potentials of the arena of consciousness. The same holds true for Saraswati worship. If it is carried out strictly according to scriptural injunctions, one can help one’s gross intellect soar in the skies of greatness.

Gayatri Super Power’s Saraswati aspect is very beneficial for those who have a weak intellect. Saraswati based spiritual practices ripen our intellectual capacity and overcomes mental turbulence by making the mind more focused. Gayatri’ s Saraswati principle overcomes problems related to the brain like lack of sleep, headaches, tension etc. Man becomes mentally weak because either he lacks the power of decision making or that he keeps forgetting things or that he dislikes various things. In order to overcome all this one must worship and meditate on Goddess Saraswati. It is also helpful in inducing enthusiasm for intellectual studies and Svadhyaya (study of the soul or self-reflection).

The importance of a sharp, pure intellect should be conveyed to others. One should also give importance to earning wealth ethically and procuring material comforts. Saraswati which is an energy stream of Gayatri Super Power helps us attain both material joys and spiritual progress.


One more stream of Gayatri is Shri. Shri also means Lakshmi. Amongst various blessings of Gayatri, one of them is Lakshmi (both material and spiritual wealth). He who is blessed by Lakshmi no longer remains backward and poverty stricken. Shri means cleanliness, purity and proper management. It helps overcome poverty and ugliness.

Lakshmi is that potential which makes material objects more useful for all mankind and one attains more of it. Generally Lakshmi is correlated to material wealth. In actuality it is a gross quality of consciousness. On its basis one can use objects which were previously rendered useless. Even if one has less Lakshmi, one can make apt use of it for sacred tasks. Such a person is a true owner of Lakshmi. Other rich men may possess a lot of material wealth but if it rots as one’s fat bank balance instead of being utilized for world welfare, it becomes the cause of misery. One ray of Gayatri is Lakshmi. He who attains it even in small amounts and uses it for world humanity, indeed attains true bliss.

A person can not be called fortunate just because he amasses a lot of wealth and fills up his vault. In fact if such wealth lands up in the hands of people with vile brains, it becomes intoxicating like alcohol. Such men thus become arrogant, unruly, egoistic and lusty. Ordinarily people who amass a lot of wealth become stingy and arrogant. One vehicle of Lakshmi is an owl. An owl is compared to a foolish man. Men who lack culture amass a lot of wealth and hence are called foolish. Such wealth is always misused which results in one’s own downfall and that of society too.

Two elephants reverently spray water on Lakshmi. She is seated on a lotus which is a symbol of delicateness. Good management encompasses beauty and delicateness. Some call it sacred activity. Lakshmi is also called Kamala (lotus) which also connotes skill. Skill means apt use of materials for sacred endeavours along with hard work and ethics. Shri (Lakshmi) principle creates and propagates with great skill. Lakshmi sees to it that we do not misuse even a penny and that each penny is used for world welfare.

The 2 royal elephants who chant Lakshmi’s Mantra and devotionally spray water on Her, symbolize hard work and a focused mind. They are inseparably bound to Lakshmi. Wherever this duo dwells, there no lack of glory, grandeur and cooperation will be experienced. Great men are always showered with equality and success. At every step they come across opportunities to rise higher in life both materially and spiritually.

One stream of Gayatri’s philosophy and spiritual endeavour is Lakshmi. Gayatri Mahamantra says that if powers of skill are augmented, there Lakshmi’s compassion abounds. Another energy flow of Gayatri devotion is Shri. Shri worship activates the magnetic potential in our centres of consciousness which helps attract material wealth and grandeur. In a focused mind, the Goddess of sacred intellect, Saraswati, does not allow us to hoard this wealth. Instead Saraswati inspires us to use it for the material and spiritual welfare of the world.

Lakshmi is the Goddess of joy, zest and humour. She generates an atmosphere of laughter and joy. Poverty also includes lack of cleanliness. Beauty and cleanliness is another name of artistic decoration. Since Lakshmi is a Goddess of beauty there an atmosphere of cleanliness, joy, management, hard work and economy that is devoid of stinginess will prevail.

He who devotionally bathes in the sacred stream of Gayatri’s Lakshmi aspect will attain Shri. Shri which is both material and spiritual wealth benefits not only its devotee but also the entire world at large.

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