Man is not only the rightful heir of Almighty God but is a royal prince too. The individual soul is a part and parcel of the cosmic soul whom laymen call God. This royal prince (man) has all the qualities of his royal father (God) albeit in seed form. A small spark of a gigantic inferno has the same qualities of the inferno from where it emanated. Despite this it is very clear that man lives a very demeaned life today i.e. despite possessing divine qualities he lives a downfallen life. Why is this so? The answer is obvious and that is these divine powers are present in only their seed form. These latent powers have yet not been activated or awakened.

The Lord is Sat (eternal existence) but we human beings (God’s heir) undergo the vicious cycle of birth and death. God is Chit (divine light) and human beings swim in this terrible ocean of spiritual darkness/ignorance. God our Holy Father is divine bliss manifest and we wallow in the ocean of sorrow and pain. Hence a serious question arises in the mind of a deeply thinking person: Why this anomaly? God (King of this cosmos) sent his prince (mankind) in this world so as to live life royally and look upon it as a divine sport (Lila). And yet the bare reality is that man today is living a life of hell and strife. The little joy that he gets is transient and sure enough after a short time span hardships and anguish rule the roost. Why is it that that eternal (divine) bliss eludes mankind and thus forces him to wallow in pain and agony?

Fire by its very nature is full of heat and light. When this blazing fire slowly gets doused its upper region gets covered with a thick layer of ash. Thus the 2 qualities of fire viz. heat and light get covered by ash and cannot be seen or experienced by us. Fire covered by ash will not emit much heat nor light and lies listlessly. The burning fire full of brilliance can be demeaned to a lowly and useless state by a thick layer of as that covers its potential light and heat. Now suppose this thick layer of ash is removed totally the fire lying underneath will blaze forth terrifically and will also manifest its heat and light qualities fully.

Almighty God is Sat-Chit-Ananda or Existence-Consciousness-Bliss in nature. Hence his princely heir i.e. mankind too should be eternal bliss in nature. While living a life of divine sport (Lila) man should experience bliss and only bliss in this heavenly garden called world. And yet this divine bliss has been totally veiled by a lowly and vile intellect. A lowly intellect breeds nothing but strife and sorrow in life. Just as mentioned above when ash covers a blazing fire’s quality of heat and light so too a vile and tainted intellect covers man’s true nature which is eternal bliss oozing with divinity. It is a lowly intellect that perforce induces man to live a hell like life akin to penal servitude.

A tainted intellect is also called Maya, spiritual blindness/ignorance, demonic nature, Avidya etc. The thicker this veil of taints in our intellect and psyche greater are the hardships and dire situations faced by that individual. The more ones physical body is covered by a cake of filth the more one will feel itchy and emit a foul stench. If this dirt is reduced the itchiness and foul smell too will reduce correspondingly. If the body is devoid of dirt and filth it will remain in good health and less disease prone. But the more this filth attacks our body and settles on it the more one is prone to diseases that maybe fatalistic too. A tainted intellect and psyche can be compared to filth settling on the physical body. It induces unwholesome characteristics like fear, restlessness, agitation, stress, worry etc in our inner personality.

Today the world over, people are full of stress and tension. Some are unhappy because of illnesses, some face marital anguish, some are childless, some face business losses, some do not get job promotions, some are apprehensive of failure, some face false court cases, some fear their enemy, some face struggle due to injustice, some face disloyalty in friendship, some fear dowry problems, some are painfully separated from their dear ones etc. Thus as Lord Budha had declared: Everywhere there is sorrow and pain. Even our religious, financial, social, political and international aspects of life are full of tension and misery. Assuming that a person is more mentally alert even then at some point in time the widespread taints and misdeeds of others influence his psyche and thus his peace is destroyed. Thus his goal of attaining bliss remains unfulfilled.

Sorrow may be individual or at a macro level; their roots lie in a tainted intellect and psyche. Today this material world is so full of sense pleasures and comforts that it logically seems our entire lives should be full of joy and nothing but joy. Man possesses a priceless body, mind and intellect which logically should extract a lot of joy from these sense pleasures. In fact a gross viewpoint tells us that this joy should exceed even that present in heaven. And yet the bare reality experienced by world humanity says that everyone is in agony for some reason or the other, life seems dry and meaningless in the long run and virtually everyone experiences life to be burdensome and hence wait listlessly for death to take over. Our minds are bombarded with worry, tension, fears of future, taints and agitation. Is this not very similar to the description of hell described in ancient mythology like Puranas etc?

In reality this world indeed is beautiful and there is not an iota of ugliness in it. This world is a play ground of divine sports (Lilas) and has no place for worry, fear, tension etc. This precious human life is actually an eternal fount of the bliss of nectar and has no place for sorrow or anguish. “Swargaadapi gareeyasee”-this world is even more nectarine than heavenly pleasures because all those principles are present that pave the way for manifesting zest in our minds and hence daily lives. This rare and precious human body has been designed in such a manner that if it touches anything that object becomes beautiful and radiant. The Lord’s prince (humans) enters this world to revel in divine sports. He has been given a chariot called this rare body, servants in the form of sense organs and a minister in the form of an intellect so that he revels in this beautiful garden called the world. This prince is meant to taste and touch the nectarine beauty of this world. And yet if man is not experiencing nectar in this world it his vile and tainted intellect that is totally responsible for the pain and agony of worldly life faced by him.

Good health both mental and physical is our very true nature whereas mental and physical illness is not our nature. This is because physical and mental strife is the result of our own erroneous thinking and living. Birds and animals that live their lives in accordance with nature’s laws made for them do not fall sick day in and day out. Majority of the times they experience a fit and healthy body. As against this, man is actually inviting mental and physical agony by foolishly adhering to a lifestyle that goes against the very grain of natural laws laid down for world humanity. If only man sticks to nature’s laws while performing his daily activities he would be in a much better shape both physically and mentally. Similarly a sacred intellect is the very nature of all human beings. A pure and taintless intellect/psyche is God’s gift to mankind and hence is divine, our very birth right and nectar bestowing. When God sends every individual in this world he gives us a sacred mind and intellect so that it can in turn give us nothing but bliss while contacting this world of objects. And yet because spiritual ignorance and blindness take over our intellect it results in a psyche and intellect that thinks and acts erroneously and in an undesirable manner. In this manner at the mental level too we actually invite tension, agitation and turmoil simply because we harbor taints like lust, greed, avarice, criminal leanings, unethical thoughts etc in our psyche. Our psyche adheres to the law of “ALL OR NONE RESPONSE”. It means either our mind harbors wholesome thoughts or insists on foolishly thinking in an undesirable manner. In short both unwholesome and wholesome qualities cannot exist together. Thus it is for each individual to decide whether he/she wishes to nurture sacredness or lowliness in their minds and intellects. A vile intellect breeds sorrow and strife in abundance and a sacred mind, oozes with bliss and serenity that is devoid of even an iota of tension.

Gayatri verily is synonymous with a sacred intellect. In this Super Mantra a devotee prays to God for attaining a taintless and pure intellect. The 24 letters of Gayatri give us 24 priceless spiritual lessons and are direct manifestations of a sacred intellect. If these spiritual lessons are fully imbibed ones very viewpoint in life will be transformed in a sacred manner. Our previous tainted thinking, which was the root cause of our misery, now renounces these taints so as to attain purity. The Gayatri Super Mantra’s designing is so scientific that it helps activate innumerable latent powers in the psyche of a mature Gayatri devotee. Gayatri has that rare capacity to attract divine cosmic powers and store them in the psyche of its steadfast devotee. In this manner Gayatri definitely destroys ones tainted intellect from its very foundation so as to replace it with a pure and focused intellect. The more these taints (anger, lust, greed, fear, worry etc) are overcome greater is peace and bliss experienced by the aspirant. Gayatri is that eternal torch of divine light which destroys our spiritual ignorance that manifests as a tainted intellect. Thus man attains his true supremely divine state which was the reason why he took birth in this world of names and forms.

A person wearing spectacles with green colored lens will see all external objects as green. If the color used is yellow everything appears yellow. Similarly if we wear the spectacles of a vile intellect external circumstances will appear sorrowful and dire whereas these same circumstances will appear joyful for the one wearing spectacles of a sacred intellect. When a person’s brain experiences dizziness he/she visualizes external objects (house, trees, roads etc) as though they too are revolving when in reality they are not. A fearful man will ‘see’ ghosts while traveling in a dark alley where there are none in actuality. Know for sure that if our mind is tainted merely rectifying external situations will not diminish your woes. It is only when the psyche is cleansed and made focused that external situations, however dire will not destroy your inner serenity and mental balance. If a person wears yellow tinted sunglasses and wants to see external objects other than yellow in color you may keep changing external objects but they will continue to appear yellow in color. Some illnesses render a bitter taste in the patient’s taste buds and hence even if you give him delicious cakes, pizzas, mouth watering fruits etc he/she will get only a bitter taste. If a tainted intellect has induced lowly and unwholesome thinking in ones psyche it does not matter whether you live in palatial homes or for that matter heaven too, one will experience sorrow and nothing but sorrow even in such exotic surroundings.

Thus the chief task of Gayatri Super Mantra is to destroy ones taints present in the intellect and mind. A true Gayatri devotee is one who makes a firm resolve (Sankalpa) to overcome his inner taints and replace them with sacred qualities like love, compassion, integrity, values, ideals etc. Such devotion to Gayatri reaps success both materially and spiritually with greater ease and speed. Anyone who lays stress on imbibing purity of mind and intellect prospers both materially and spiritually. Thus infinite eternal bliss is at such a person’s beck and call for eternity.

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