The world is progressing rapidly with booming technologies and opportunities that can easily confuse students/learners to make a choice on what to pursue and how. The multiple career options and choices ranging from commerce, management, medicine, engineering, to culinary arts and fashion technology make it difficult for students to discern what they want to do.

Usually, children choose based on peer, kin or parental pressure. When this happens, they land up in unhappy and unsatisfied workplaces compromising on several aspects of mental health.

Choosing the wrong field can prove disastrous with students unsure about the future’s roadmap.

This is where the need for a career counsellor sets in!

Career counsellors help students discover their true potential and choose the right career. This is no more an option and has increased the demand for career counsellors.

What is Career Counselling

Career counselling is a process that helps one make an informed decision about education and career by helping them understand the trends, options and even themselves. Anyone involved in career counselling can guide students, provide the list of options and help them choose what they want to pursue.

Benefits of Career Counselling

● Identify strengths, weaknesses and analyse their students profile
● Identify the true attitude
● True potential is explored
● Support and motivation

Can a career counsellor be an entrepreneur?

Career counselling is growing as a much-in-demand profession and many have turned entrepreneurs. There are a number of career counsellors who have started their own ventures. The journey, however, has many roadblocks! A career counsellor who wants to be an entrepreneur has to face many challenges and any relevant support would be more than appreciated. For anyone turning an entrepreneur, technological know-how and investment are factors that can thwart them from setting up shop.

To enable a smooth transition to setting up career counselling as a business, you need proper guidance and infrastructure and this is where Super Counsellor comes in!

What is Super Counsellor?

Super Counsellor is a one-of-a-kind program that helps career counsellors set up their own career counselling system. It offers a number of benefits for those interested in career counselling as a business activity. It is a career counsellor business model that gives those interested all the collateral and support required to set up shop.

It supports both individuals and career counsellors to establish their own enterprise and provide career guidance to students. Career counsellors can leverage the best of business acumen and technological know-how with Super Counsellor and use it to transform themselves to entrepreneurs.

Why Super Counsellor is the BEST program for entrepreneurs?

Career counselling business is set to grow and having a perfect startup starter kit makes it relatively easy to start a business. Super Counsellor is India’s first Incubator for career counsellors that churns out entrepreneurs in the counselling arena. And what makes Super Counsellor the best- the offerings-

● Expert guidance on setting up a career counselling enterprise
● Branding of the business to create value
● Technology and tools (psychometric tests+26 research tools)
● Assistance and support
● Regularly updated information on counselling and guidance

What is Scope of super counsellor?

The scope of the Super Counsellor program is HUGE!
Career counsellors are in demand due to the increasing plethora of options a student faces. The Super Counsellor program is in tune with the latest career counselling trends and techniques in guidance including-

● Psychometric tests
● Certification from UCLA Extension
● 26 Research tools
● Student database management
● Market Guidance

With Super Counsellor, Career counsellors can-

● Access the best of technology
● Diversify their skills and techniques
● Start their own venture

The Super Counsellor Advantage: What makes it ACTUALLY Super

The components of the Super Counsellor program briefly include-

UCLA Career Counsellor Certification
On completion of the course, one gets an international career counselling certification by Univariety in collaboration with University of California Los-Angeles(UCLA) extension. This international certification adds value and builds credibility.

Technological support
One can access first-hand correct information relating to colleges, schools and courses through a robust algorithm that helps students make the right choices. This enables career counsellors to guide students better. With the white-labelled technology, you can use world-class technology as if it were your own.

Marketing support
It is impossible to deny how important promotions are for your setup and to assist you with that- Super Counselor Plus provides marketing support and a website of your setup that highlights you as a career counsellor. It also talks about the best practices at your company.

Job Edge - Since you have the technology and marketing support, you get an edge over others to work with schools on full-time, part-time or freelance basis.The guidance and international certification that you receive as part of the program put you in a different league.

Earning Opportunity
There is a huge earning potential with an ever-increasing demand for career counsellors. And setting up your own career counselling business is a strategic move since there is less investment involved. There is also no requirement for heavy infrastructure support keeping the overall costs involved to a minimum.

Exclusive access to 26 research tools
In the light of providing world-class career guidance,career counsellors receive 26 research tools that students can use to identify best-fit universities, course options and countries.

Expert guidance through sessions
With Super Counsellor, students can attend expert sessions from faculty members across the world and learn of new opportunities that can be explored

Apart from this, you receive guidance on setting up and running your own career counselling business. You can set up a business as a registered entity and counsel students on multiple career options. The latest technologies and research tools help students make the right choice when it comes to picking an option.
You can map students activity and understand their behaviour to help them make choices.

Is counselling as a business profitable?

Career counselling as a business finds a place among the most profitable business ventures in the next 10 years. It is touted to grow and having the best tools and exclusive practices in-hand allow once to set off their entrepreneurial voyage.
• Huge market size
• Increased spending on education
• Awareness among all stakeholders

Who can take up Career Counselling as a business?

Anyone who is a graduate can be a career counsellor provided one can-
● Listen to students concerns with a patient ear
● Inform and educate students about the diverse career options
● Guide students on the career choices

It is best suited for-
● Those willing to restart their career
● Women entrepreneurs
● Counsellors with experience looking to set up own enterprise
● Anyone interested in career counselling as a business

The Super Counsellor edge can help kickstart your entrepreneurial journey with a career counsellor business. This will help them uplift both professionally and personally and understand how to provide holistic guidance with the latest tools and technology.

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