Long Island Laundry gives a decent alternative of stackable washer and dryer for individuals who are searching for full-service clothing abilities. It is otherwise called a laundry Centre. Stackable washers and dryers bring the comfort of home clothing to the wide exhibit of individuals. You'll get proper quality, finishing of garments at Long Island Laundry. The stackable washer and dryer units used by Long Island Laundry take up less space and often use less energy than separate washer and dryer pairs.
Long Island Laundry is remarkable contrasted with other commercial laundry service companies. They likewise benefit advantage Salons, Spas, Medical Offices, Doctor Lab Coats and Patient Gowns, Health Clubs, Salons, Country Clubs, Swimming Clubs, Camps, Schools, Massage Therapist, Company Uniforms, Apparel Companies, Clothing Manufacturers and essentially whatever different business that has garments needs. They give commercial laundry service to a broad collection of associations.
Long Island Laundry is one of the pioneers in industrial laundry services. Their cleaning quality, methods introduced and tender care for clothes are best in class.
Long Island Laundry handles each believable clothing related service. They are outstanding amongst other New York laundry services as they especially help individuals in the common laborers and other people who are simply too occupied to even think about washing their garments each day. At long island clothing experts deal with your pieces of clothing, especially those delicates and costly textures, you have more opportunity to yourself and somewhat less pressure.
The Long Island Laundry is a full service Laundromat NYC that offers wash, dry and cover advantage with FREE pickup and transport. If you need to do your own one of kind apparel they have new Washers and Dryers arranged for you. Our extra immense washers and dryers are unimaginable to wash your couch beds and other bulky family things.
If you are tired of trying to revive your tea towels and remove the odors associated with use in a commercial environment then visit Long Island Laundry one can shop towel cleaning service which includes the supply and laundering of our own heavy duty and durable towels including delivery and pick up. Our towels are altogether washed with commercial powders that will lessen the danger of sullying caused by ineffectively washed tea towels. Long Island Laundry also provides shop towel rental service, depending on your requirements; they offer reusable towels in sizes to suit your specific needs. And the best part is, once used, the towels can simply be returned to Long Island Laundry for cleaning. Each towel is inspected for cleanliness prior to delivery and re-use.
Log on to Long Island Laundry website! It is a full-service laundry & dry cleaning with pick-up and delivery service. It was started by Anthony Perfetti since 2001 and servicing Glen Cove, Locust Valley, Oyster Bay, Jericho, Brookville, Glen Head, Sea Cliff and surrounding areas and now their service area has grown and they serve most of Long Island.

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