Anime and Cartoons: Popular Sunday Morning Comics & Toons

The comic strips within Sunday newspapers have become very popular, and this has led to a lot of them being made into cartoons.

  • Some of the most popular cartoons that have been made into cartoons are Dennis the Menace, Garfield and Dilbert to name a few.

Dennis the Menace Sunday Paper Cartoons
Dennis the Menace originally started out as a cartoon strip in a Sunday newspaper. However, it has gone on to be a very successful cartoon. This cartoon is an animated television series that was created in America.

  • The cartoon was based on a comic strip, which started running during 1951.
  • When the television series started it was originally aired for two seasons between 1986 and 1988.
  • The story is featured around the antics of the main character that is Dennis the Menace, and he tends to get into a lot of trouble.
  • A lot of the trouble that Dennis gets into involves his next-door neighbor, who is Mr. Wilson.
  • The first season of this cartoon was aired in syndication along with the second season and this was aired on Saturday mornings.

Dilbert Sunday Paper Cartoons
Dilbert is a television series that was broadcasted for two seasons, and it was first aired during January 1999; however, it was later cancelled. Despite being cancelled this television series won an award known as a Golden Globe.

  • This television series was written based on the comic strip, which has been published since 1989.
  • Over the years this cartoon has become very popular for having an ironic sense of office humor.

Garfield Sunday Paper Cartoons
Garfield is probably the most famous cat that was featured in a comic strip. This cartoon cat has appeared in newspapers since 1978.

  • Garfield is an overweight cat that lives with his owner who is known as Jon Arbuckle, and the home is also home to the family dog that is called Odie.
  • This comic strip is based in Indiana and this is where the creator of the comic strip grew up.
  • Jim Davis created this comic strip. This cartoon has been made into a television series on many occasions.

Popeye Sunday Paper Cartoons
Another popular Sunday morning cartoon is Popeye. Popeye is a sailor man and it existed as a comic strip between 1991 and 1994. For about a decade this character appeared in a comic strip, and nowadays Popeye is featured within a number of animated cartoons.

  • The animated cartoon was first produced during 1933.
  • A series of Popeye cartoons were shown between 1960 and 1962.
  • In 1978 there was an animated cartoon film that was made and this was known as The All New Popeye Hour.
  • It was made during 1978.
  • Another film was Popeye and Son, and this was made during 1987.

Ziggy Sunday Paper Cartoons
The cartoon known as Ziggy is a popular syndicated comic strip, which has been around since 1969. The comic strip known as Ziggy was inspired by a college student who attended Akron University, as he drew the characters.

  • The main character that is known as Ziggy is a pantless, bald and barefooted character.
  • Ziggy owns a lot of different pets, which includes a cat, parrot, dog, duck and fish.
  • During 1982 there was a special episode made which was called Ziggy's Gift, and there was also a special song that went along with the series.
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