In order to overcome deadly diseases like cancer etc the sun’s rays of various hues are utilized for healing purposes. Diseases related to digestion, skin and muscles are cured via solar healing. There are many incidences wherein deadly TB too has been cured in this manner. Dr Reliyar prefers sun bathing methods to operations for overcoming bodily distortions. Dr Finsin too has cured many patients utilizing solar healing therapies. He opines that for all round progress of children solar rays can play a major role. When forest animals fall sick they lie down in open air with the sun beating down on their bodies. Thus they get cured. If this is the case why do human beings insist on par taking medicines that have side effect which in turn breed more diseases? Why do they not imbibe solar rays and benefit tremendously?

In comparison to the capacity of the sun bestowing health and life force to creatures that destroys diseases and darkness no other material has this capacity. Indian philosophers know this secret right since ancient times and hence look upon Sun as Almighty Lord himself. Hence in their day to day transactions and spiritual pursuits have worshipped the sun and tried to imbibe Divine Energy from it. Scientific research of today’s modern times has accepted the wondrous potent energy of the sun. First and foremost Norgon de Ween in the last stage of the 18th century conducted deep research studies and opined based on scientific data that apart from the sun none has the capacity to heal the body and psyche. Another researcher devoid of any doubt believes that solar rays possess terrific energy to destroy various germs of diseases. Other germ killers, phenyl etc do not possess this tremendous capacity. Sir Oliver Long is amazed that for progress of world health no doubt research has been conducted wherein various medicines and therapies have unfolded and yet none can compare with the power of solar healing. Such health bestowing power exists only in Sun God and over and above this it is free. It is beyond ones ken as to why it is not made use of on a gigantic scale? England’s Medical Superintendent Sir Henry Gowan while elaborating on his experiences says that those not exposed to sunlight or get very little of it are rendered insane, vile, handicapped and weak.

With reference to tuberculosis patients Sandy White in Heling Island conducted research and many other anatomists and physiologists too have experimented in this region. All this has been greatly elaborated by C E Lawrence in his books. He says that one can get direct tangible experiences of the sun’s prowess. Swelling related to TB is healed by sunlight and arthritis too benefits a great deal by it. It is very clear that TB germs are destroyed by solar rays. In this manner all transformations accrue not simply due to UV light but other important principles present in sunlight. Today deep research is being conducted on this the world over.

Dr Maverin has proof that those kids whose bones are bent is due to non exposure to sunlight and when such ailing children are exposed to sunlight amply their bones gain normalcy.

The Vedas proclaim that the sun is verily the soul of the cosmos. Material science of contemporary times is creating a Super Commentary on the above aphorism. The world’s great philosophers and seers in unison opine that none apart from the sun is the greatest doctor in the entire cosmos. But alas! O ignorant man! In the name of so called civilized behavior you do not feel the need to get exposed to sunlight. In order to regain good health you stray away from the sun while searching for apt cures.

Because of sunlight in the natural state the body receives life force and hence sound health. It is a priceless gift from Mother Nature. Where sunlight is unavailable there who ever resides or works becomes dull and yellowish in hue. Vitamin D of sunlight advances our body greatly and hence a pregnant woman should see to it that her self and the womb get enough exposure to sunlight. If women fail to imbibe sunlight their life can become very problematic.

Osteomalasia (where the bones weaken) is proof of the fact that one has not got enough exposure to solar rays. Bones and teeth do require Vitamin D for all round growth. Mere food intake does not give apt measure of it. Children fall prey to many diseases because of lack of sunlight and hence Vitamin D. As a result bones, waist and legs become frail. Muscles and bones too become very weak. Hence it is imperative that small children should be made to play in sunlight that they can endure. Wise mothers sit in sunlight to massage her baby’s body and as long as the baby can tolerate sunlight the baby is allowed to sleep in sunlight. Thus children get a lot of bodily and mental energy.

Solar rays help the body avoid dirt. It has some stupendous power that allows dirt to be thrown out via the anal region. Hence after getting exposed to solar rays bathe in cold water and thus the skin pores get cleansed thoroughly.

Those whose tasks/professions involve major use of the brain/intellect should cover their scalp with a cloth while walking in sunshine. Else heat in the brain will augment. Of course the rest of the body if exposed to sunlight will prove very beneficial. It goes without saying that hot sun of let us say noon must be avoided. During times of this practice slowly but surely the time of sunlight exposure should be increased.

So far we have discussed the gross benefits of Gayatri Meditation which is but the miracle of energy of Sun God. Just as passion manifests in the psyche so as to excite the sense organs so too when the psyche meditates on Sun God the mind bathes in the ocean of solar rays. Thus Divine Energy of Sun God manifests in the human body and psyche. Deadly diseases like cancer too have been cured via Gayatri Meditation. It has a strong scientific basis. While meditating on Sun God we imbibe sunlight the mind and soul of that devotee definitely gets sanctified. Hence Sun God not only augments bliss of this world but also that of the other world.

Not only the body but the surroundings and rooms should be open so that uninhibited solar rays pour into them. In homes where sunlight fails to get exposed there germs of diseases augment so as to attack its residents. Bang opposite to this areas exposed to sunlight there the wind too is untainted and toxic air is destroyed. In factories, mills etc where dirt and pollution is maximum there the rooms should be maximally exposed to fresh air and solar rays. Thus the solar rays can continue with their function of sanctifying those places. Mill workers working in closed areas become yellowish from the skin standpoint. They fall sick and thus work output decreases substantially.

Sunlight is indeed the very life of human beings. The sun is the vital force of creation. Without vital force life cannot sustain. Hence in order to render potent our health we must meditate methodically on solar rays which are the soul of the sun.

Solar energy cures various diseases. Life force of the body is imbibed via sun. White blood cells or WBC that destroy blood oriented diseases obtain this capacity from the sun. When we imbibe Sun God’s aura in our psyche at that time just as at sunrise birds leave their nests to travel afar so too deadly diseases ‘run’ away.

The sun protects us from germs of various diseases. The sun destroys germs of diseases invisible to the naked eye. Diseases like fever, TB, coughing etc can be destroyed by imbibing solar rays. Not only this but that solar rays destroy even those germs which could potentially manifest as diseases. At sunrise solar rays have the power to destroy various diseases. In the Vedas red solar rays are compared to red cows. Just as a cow gives healthy milk to nourish our bodies, augments bodily might, overcomes weakness in the same way red solar rays are very potent. It destroys diseases so as to make our body strong and bestows sound health. For attaining a long life span we must imbibe as much of red solar rays as possible so as to overcome diseases.

Those who wish to live a very long life should imbibe red rays at sunrise. Anemia, weakness, cough, lethargy, dirt etc can be warded off via red rays which is very easy to do so at sunrise.

Sun is said to be the Vital Force of creation. It is because of the sun that life exists on planet earth. Ere for one day even the sun were not to rise there would be utter chaos on earth. Sun light generates zest and vital force in all creatures and therefore the sun is very important for all of us. And despite this the sun is not merely a ball of fire which elicits the same due to the reactions of hydrogen and helium present in it. This is simply the sun’s material visible form. In its subtle form the sun is the controller of our thoughts, lord of all planets and a beautiful inspirer of sacred sentiments in our psyche. It is verily the soul of all creatures. Even deeper than this in its spiritual form it is the light of cosmic Purusha (God) i.e. Super Mind Light. Sun is that which gives beautiful inspirations.

Solar meditation is the root import of the spiritual aspect of Indian Culture. After realizing the mystery of the sun’s soul Lord Shri Ram destroyed the demon Ravana. Yudhishthira etc of Mahabharata fame got initiated by Muni Dhaumya regarding solar meditation and only then attained that power which made them invincible. Our rishi literature oozes with solar eulogies. In the 5th Mandal of Rig Veda (1st verse of 81st Sukta) is written ‘Mahi Devasya Savituhu Parishtuti’. It means that the cosmic eulogy of Sun God is profound.

Sun is Savita God in the form of our divine authority represented by creative solar illuminator. Savita is that which is a creator, which is eulogized as truth, which nurtures world humanity and which helps man renounce his illusory ego so as to render his soul cosmic in nature. Our revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s subtle existence has become divinely cosmic in nature and we offer this book at his hallowed feet.

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