Summer’s almost here which means, school is out! Summertime can be one of the most beneficial times for kids to get braces (it’s better for parents too). Today on the blog, you’ll find out why summer is the best time for your child to see Idaho Falls orthodontist and get fitted for braces, along with how to keep those smiles safe during the summer.

Why Summer is The Best Time For Braces

Easier Appointments and No Missed School

While this may seem like a con in the eyes of your kiddos, getting braces during the summer means that your kid won’t have to be checked out during class and miss school to get braces. Plus, since you don’t have to worry about scheduling an orthodontic appointment around all your kid's extracurricular activities and school schedule, you can see the orthodontist that much sooner. And, while braces will last longer than summer, by the time school starts you won’t have as long of or as many appointments with your Idaho Falls orthodontist as you do at the beginning of treatment.

More Time To Get Used To Braces

It can be hard for anyone to go from not having braces to having them the next day, especially if you’re a teenager. Not only is there the physical discomfort that accompanies braces at the beginning, but braces can affect some people’s self-esteem, at least in the beginning. If your child gets braces during summer, they have less of a chance of seeing as many people as they did throughout the school year. Getting braces in the summer gives your child a chance to adjust to these changes in their own time, without having to worry about “what will they say at school”. By the time school starts, they will be so used to having braces it will just seem like another accessory to them.

Frozen Treats Are “In Season”

Ice Cream, snowcones, popsicles and all other types of frozen treats are booming during the summer months and as it so happens, a frozen treat is just what the “orthodontist ordered” when it comes to relieving the initial discomfort that happens when you first get braces or when they are adjusted. Remember, while frozen treats will help to soothe sore mouths, they should be used sparingly to avoid cavities. When your child has hit their snowcone quota, a cold cloth or ice pack on the sore area will work just as well.

The Sooner, The Better

No matter what time of year you decide to get braces for your children, the sooner the better. Early orthodontic treatment can save time and money on your part because it’s easier to move a younger person’s teeth around than it is an adult’s. So if you’re able to, get your child in to see Randall Orthodontics in Idaho Falls for a complimentary consultation today.

Keep Your Smile Safe During The Summer

If your child gets braces during the summer there are some things to keep in mind so that you don’t need to worry about them breaking a bracket or not cleaning their teeth properly when they go away to camp or on a trip. Here are some ways to ensure your kids keep their smile (and braces) safe during the summer:

● Avoid Certain Foods - Luckily summer is all about fresh fruit and vegetables, which are great for braces, for the most part. Avoid crunchy, sticky, or hard foods like carrots, caramel popcorn, nuts, candy, etc. Furthermore, keep your children from chewing on ice as this can damage brackets. And for when corn on the cob is served, braces wearers will find it easier to remove the corn from the cob before eating.
● Wear a Mouthguard - If your child plays sports like soccer or volleyball in the summer, make sure that they always wear a mouthguard. Your Idaho Falls orthodontist can help you find a mouthguard that will fit your child’s mouth and braces correctly so that it’s not uncomfortable to wear.
● Pack Responsibility - Whether your child is going off to camp, a road trip with friends, or just having a sleepover, make sure they are equipped with the proper oral hygiene equipment so they can keep their teeth free from plaque wherever they are. Items to include in their braces bag include:

● Toothbrush and toothpaste
● Floss and orthodontic threader
● Mouthwash
● Orthodontic wax
● Small mirror

The team at Randall Orthodontics hopes that your summer is full of laughter and fun. If you’d like to explore getting braces for either yourself or your child over the summer break, contact our Idaho Fall orthodontist office today or fill out this form to schedule a virtual orthodontic consultation.

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Amna Khan