Summertime clearly means picnic and party time. It’s that beautiful and bright time of the year where you get out to soak some sunshine, drink lemonade, and play lots of volley ball. And if you have a pool at this peak party time of the year, then congratulations you’re among the group of lucky individuals who don’t even have to leave their homes to have a blast.

Pools are indirectly a built-in source of entertainment right in your own backyard. And in today’s world of the hustle and bustle, a vacation at home aka summer pool party is nothing less than a blessing.

Pools bring all the party and fun with them. They are a great way to get family and friends together for some summer fun. Even on the hottest days, a pool lets you be active without being overheated.

So, having a pool, but “no vacation” doesn’t necessarily mean “no fun.”

With a backyard pool, you’re lucky enough to have a blast of low budget summer fun at home. Who needs a Miami beach party if you have a portable volleyball net and a group of friends and family to crash at your backyard pool.

And to prove you what endless possibilities of fun you can have, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best activities for pool-time entertainment.

Watermelon Ball

Watermelon ball is similar to pool basketball, volleyball, and water polo, but it uses a special ball that’s filled with water. Because of the water inside, the ball feels like watermelon and can be used underwater for passing, dribbling, and even kicking. Moreover, the watermelon ball requires a bit more effort to move it around, making it an ideal workout for your summer fun.

Pool Volley Ball

Another exciting game for your summer fun splash at home, pool volleyball is the grandpa old water game we’ve all been playing since childhood.

With two teams of one to four people depending on how big your pool is, this easy action game can accommodate even the youngest players. Shorter players can occupy the shallower section of the pool, while the taller one can move into the deeper water.

Blind Volley Ball

Want to discover another great game to play with your portable volley ball net? Blind volley ball is a nice way to spice up your pool ball game. Covered volleyball involves hanging sheets or towels over the net so that you can’t see the movements of the opponent team.

Bucket Ball

This game lends itself to all kinds of alterations. You can use different floating items to score baskets or buckets. Have a team member move the basket while someone takes a shot, or have everyone jump around to make the baskets move with water splashes.

There’s no end to the number of games your friends and family can invent and have unlimited fun using as simpler equipment like basketballs, buckets, portable volley ball net, etc.

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