SugarCRM offers maximum flexibility and a fully powered CRM application for supporting business growth. Sugar CRM typically aims at automation of sales force and supports that are required for after sales needs. As such, for other uses of this web based CRM you need to customize it. SugarCRM theme customization, for instance, aims in delivering a theme appropriate to the nature of business. Smooth integration of new modules, low implementation cost and professional support are some prime reasons for growing popularity of SugarCRM

Customizing Sugar CRM is essential for integrating applications, performing unique tasks and improving business processes. Spice up your business with SugarCRM theme customization if you are bored with using plain SugarCRM. When your employees or staff log into their account the default theme welcomes them. This default theme can be changed. You can avail professional help for SugarCRM theme customization and upload the customized theme. When upload process is completed it is time for navigating to Administration>Themes section, enabling the desired theme and disabling others.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) involves tasks like tracking interactions with customers, handling their problems, building list of customers, etc. CRM strives in standardizing, automating and sharing these activities across the organization. SugarCRM has emerged as one of the top, open source web based economical CRM system accessed by many organizations.

SugarCRM theme customization may be used for sales force automation, workflow development that lead to opportunity management. Customizable case handling modules that are essential for improved customer services can be done by customizing SugarCRM. Streamlining online case logging and their tracking has been a unique feature of SugarCRM. Web Self Service application of SugarCRM has simplified case administration. Depending on the requirements of business Sugar CRM customization modules may include Email collaboration, account management, managing enquiries related to sales and marketing, data reports and administration.

Reducing manual processes and increasing automated steps ensures that customization becomes adaptable, scalable and fast. SugarCRM theme customization involves creation of interfaces between applications. Manual involvement is replaced by predefined logic for customization of SugarCRM. Professionals with expertise in SugarCRM theme customization use statistical methods and top designing tools for adding new icons, colors and DHTML (Dynamic HTML) menu with auto-hide. Depending on nature of your business they can also replace the CRM logo with logo of your organization. SugarCRM theme customization may be planned by an organization according to design scheme of its existing website.

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