Delicious sugar free pear smoothie recipe with low fat and low calorie ingredients and natural fruits.If you are looking for an unusual tasting Sugar Free Smoothie, then one great option is a Pear Smoothie without all the excess calories that some smoothies have.

Sugar Free Pear Smoothie Low Fat Low Calorie Ingredients:

Here is what you will need to buy:

10 ice cubes

3 ripe and juicy pears

2 bananas (preferably frozen)

A cup of mixed juices (blackcurrant and orange works well)

1 teaspoon sugar substitute

Sugar Free Pear Smoothie Low Fat Low Calorie Ingredients:

Now there are some important caveats that you need to be aware of when using this recipe and that is firstly how important it is what the state of the pears is that you use.

If you nip into the supermarket then you need to make sure to choose the very ripest pears that you possibly can. It is in the last few days of perfect ripeness when most of the sweetness and flavor develops in the pears, and unless you choose ones that are at the right time, and then you will end up with a smoothie that is too bitter.

You can of course add extra sugar substitute to the recipe if you like, but if you buy the right ingredients the first time around then you won’t need to, because it will do the job well itself without any additions.

You should also experiment with different types of pears because there are many different varieties, and each of them has its own unique flavor and taste.

What you will find if you try out various different ones is that the structure of the smoothie will vary based on the type you use and the variety, as well as how firm they are.

Whilst as I said you do want pears that are nice and ripe, they should still nevertheless be reasonably firm, because it tends to make a better final Sugar Free Pear Smoothie.

You can also try to freeze the pears as you will already be doing with the bananas.

The difference this makes is that it adds a certain crunch and bite to the whole thing, and gives it more body and a slightly richer texture.

The good news about this recipe is that it is very low fat, and also because it consists of mainly natural fruits, the sugar content is restricted to the natural sugars that are found in those fruit ingredients.

If you can find them it is a good idea to make sure that all of the fruit that you choose to use are organic, as you can then be sure that it has not been sprayed with any pesticides or other nasty chemicals.

These are not only bad for you, but can also actually affect the taste of the smoothie, and so are bad news from a number of different angles.

The way that you make the Sugar Free Pear Smoothie is simply to pour all of the ingredients in to a large blender and then mix to taste.

If you like your smoothies to have larger pieces then simply blend for a shorter period of time.

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