Refreshing sugar free lime treat that is low in calories with delicious low fat ingredients.There are times when you just want something refreshing after being out in the hot sun or working all day.

But, with many people watching their weight, cutting back on calories, fats, and sugars finding something cold and tasty that is not going to ruin your diet or add unnecessary sugar or fat to your diet isn't always easy. However, one cool refreshing treat that is sure to please any palate is a nice cold lime sorbet.

For those who aren't familiar with sorbets they are made up entirely of sweetened water and fruit juice or fruit puree. These treats are naturally low in fat and when you replace the sugar with stevia powder they are low in sugar and calories as well making them the perfect refreshing treat for almost everyone.

Now you can make your own refreshing lime sorbet using just a few simple ingredients and your blender. Here is a recipe to get you started.

Sugar Free Lime Treat:

Sugar Free Lime Sorbet

There is nothing complicated or intricate about making this delicious Lime Treat.


1 cup water

½ cup lime juice

1 teaspoon lime zest (you'll need one fresh lime for this)

1 teaspoon Stevia

Sugar Free Lime Treat:


In a small sauce pan place in the water, the stevia, and the lime zest and heat on medium heat until the stevia is completely dissolved in the water.

For those who have never made lime zest before you simply take off the colored part of the lime with a zester or the fine side of your grater. Make sure you do not get the white underneath the green layer as this is bitter.

Once the Stevia is completely dissolved set aside and allow to cool until room temperature. Once cool pour into ice cube trays and freeze into ice cubes.

When the sweetened water in the ice cube trays has frozen then place ice in the blender, pour in the ½ cup of lime juice and pulse until blended and the ice is broken into large crystals. Pour into serving dishes and return to freezer allowing to set for about 15 minutes. Remove and serve.

Lime sorbet is going to be extremely pale, if you wish to have a slightly greener color to your sorbet you can either use green stevia or add a pinch of lime Kool-aid to the mixture. However, make sure if you add Kool-aid for coloring you choose unsweetened and only add a very small pinch or your sorbet will be bitter.

Also, keep in mind that you can use this sorbet recipe to make any flavor of sorbet that you choose to make which means that this versatile recipe can be used for just about any occasion and for anytime you want a refreshing treat but, don't want too many added calories, sugars, or sweets. There are many other recipes to be found that allow you to eat well and healthy so take the time to explore.

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