Sudden Break Up No Explanation: Sudden Break Up No Warning - When He Breaks Up With You Suddenly

A break up can be very sudden. Before you know what is happening, you realized you have been dumped. This can be really hard to accept especially when you never saw it coming.

It is normal to feel angry and depress. Try not to suppress your emotions as it is unhealthy. Let those emotions out.

One effective way to do so is by crying. Cry if you have to. It is okay to cry even if you are a man. You can do so in private without anyone knowing about it.

Of course, you should never let your emotions out on your ex. It is certainly not a good idea to cry in front of your ex.

What You Should Never Do If You Still Want to Get Your Ex Back

Perhaps you still hope to get back together with your ex after the break up. In fact, you are more than willing to do whatever it takes to get your ex back.

But before you do anything impulsively, make sure you are aware of the consequences. Make sure you are aware of the things you should not be doing.

If you do the wrong things, it can make the situation worse and the relationship may end for good. Sometimes, it may be better to have no contact just after the breakup.

You should also understand that begging and pleading is not going to work. Even if you do manage to convince him or her to take you back, it is not going to last for long. Before you know it, a break up will happen again.

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Why Does The Break Up Happen A Second Time?

The reason is simple. When you plead, your ex is only taking you back out of pity. There may even be a tinge of guilt.

Unfortunately, a relationship build on the foundation of pity or guilt is going to be very brittle. It can shatter to pieces easily.

So What Should You Do Instead? Is It Still Possible To Get Your Ex Back?

If you have already done all the begging and pleading, stop worrying about it. Do not put the blame on yourself because it is not your fault. You didn't know any better.

What is important now is that you should move on. Just make sure that you don't repeat the same mistakes and everything should be fine.

It is still possible to get your ex back but it depends on whether you do the right things.

For now, you must learn to act like an adult.

I know this sound a little bit counterintuitive but it is important for you to accept the break up. It is important for you to accept your ex's decision to let your ex knows that you completely respect his or her decision.

When you act with maturity, you will gain the respect of your ex and keep your dignity at the same time.

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If you do things in the right order, it is still a possibility to make your ex start talking to you again after a break up. You must not fall victim to making the same old mistakes that every desperate lover commits in getting an ex partner back. And you certainly have to throw away any misconceptions about the fact that your ex will immediately become friendly with you.

It was a bad break up that parted you and your ex, remember? So as you would expect your ex will be feeling belittled and humiliated by your behavior. Rather than pushing your ex to return you need to activate your brains and think differently.

Your ex needs some time to think differently of you, and if you don't allow that to happen it will appear as if you are taking your ex partner for granted. You definitely don't want that to happen, do you?

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In order to undo your misbehavior you need to tell your ex that you fully accept your responsibility for the break up and that you understand why your ex called it a day. This will be a big pacifier to your ex's mind and it might also help you to make your ex start talking to you again.

But let's just hold on and consider how to get your ex back if your role in the break up was the same as the Mongolians played in discovering America, or in other words, nothing! The good news is that still you can be hopeful that your ex will come close enough to you to start talking to you again. All it takes is a simple phone call telling him/her that you're willing to disregard your ex's decision as long as you two can be friends again. Your ex will certainly reciprocate to your call.

Getting your ex to start talking to you again is not that hard if you are willing to back off from the conflict and extend a hand of friendship. And in no time you can switch from being a friend to a lover of your ex.

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After a break up, you are left feeling so devastated and believe that only a miracle will be able to get you and your ex back together again. Yes, miracles do happen, but where a break up is concerned, you cannot simply sit back and wait for something to happen. You need to put in some effort to try to fix the situation you are in if you want to get your ex back.

Your relationship came to an end because of something bad that happened between you and your ex and, before you and your ex can try to get back together again, there are certain things that HAVE to be dealt with first. Currently, there is a lot of resentment between the two of you because of the argument you had just prior to your break up. Insults and nasty things were said to each other in the heat of the argument - these things caused a lot of hurt and anger.

Obviously you have to be over the emotional state you are in at the moment so that you can have a talk to your ex and figure out how you are going to overcome the problems and issues that you have in your relationship. Now the only way to get over these bad feelings is to give you and your ex enough time to heal before making an attempt to contact each other. Only when you are feeling a lot better after the break up, will you be in a position to try to get your ex back.

So for now, as hard as it will be to do, stay right away from your ex, and don't have any contact whatsoever with him/her for a while. Don't brood about the fact that you want to get your ex back as quickly as possible - it will drive you insane. Just concentrate on allowing yourself to go through the healing process naturally without trying to force it to happen sooner.

Eventually you will realize that you are feeling a whole lot more positive about your situation and will actually believe that you will get your ex back. This is excellent - you are now in the right frame of mind to make that miracle happen. Make contact with your ex now, and there is every chance that your ex will be really happy to hear from you, and will be just as willing as you are to fix things and get back together again.

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If your ex has walked out of the relationship in a huff and walked right into the arms of another person then you will need to pry him/her out of those hands.

Here are a few moves on how to get your ex back from another man/woman and right back into your loving arms.

Let them be
Instead of making a desperate move to stand between the new couple and getting rebutted for the same, simply adopt a wait and see approach.

Chances are that your ex might have run into the arms of another person on the rebound and once he/she starts missing you again or finds deficiencies in the other person then he/she will surely realize the mistake of leaving you. Your ex will now try to get back with you.

Go in for a makeover to catch your ex's eye again
You should go in for a makeover that simply floors anyone that looks at you. Once your ex lays his/her eyes on you then he/she will certainly regret the moment he/she broke up with you even as revised feelings of desire bubble up to the surface.

One look by your ex's new partner will also make him/her nervous of facing competition.

Get active on the dating scene again even if it only for show
You can show your ex that two can play the game. You should get active on the dating scene and date a few people especially in the presence of your ex.

This will allow subdued feelings of jealousy and competition to surface, and your ex might initiate moves to win you back again.

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Take care of your body
Use your breakup as an excuse to turn fit again. While this will certainly be noticed appreciatively by your ex, it will also banish your low self-esteem and get you back in competitive mode.

Remain in touch with common friends
This move will not only help you to dig up information on your ex's whereabouts but also provide you with information about his/her new date.

Your common friends will also pass on your details unsuspectingly to your ex, which in turn can be used to your advantage by spreading a rumor that you could get serious with someone else if your ex does not ask for your hand back.

Remain in casual touch with your ex to rile his/her new date
If your ex is still on friendly terms with you then ask your ex for help in certain matters even if they are frivolous in nature.

Once your ex starts helping you out, his/her new partner will get riled and is sure to argue with your ex whenever he/she helps you out. This will drive your ex right back into your arms.

Dig up some dirt on your ex's new partner
This is a very tricky move laden with risk. You can dig up some genuine dirt on your ex's new partner and ensure that your ex finds it out through common friends or in an anonymous manner.

This will certainly cause an irreparable rift between the new couple and your ex will now be vulnerable enough to be led back into your waiting arms.

These moves are bold and even risky but if you truly want to get back with your ex then you will need to bravely implement them.

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