"When you can clearly see yourself being there, you can see much more clearly how to get there. You can imagine the path to your dreams, and then start to actually walk it. Play an active role in your own future. Imagine with passion and detail how you'd most like it to be." —Ralph Marston

Are you networking and marketing? If not, what is holding you back? If you are, does your passion and expertise come through with confidence?

I have seen many sole business owners network, but they don’t do it with poise and confidence. There is an underlying mindset of desperation or they hesitate talking about their services. This is not very client attractive. When you get out there and let others know about you, display confidence and poise to be attractive.

If you are not sure how to do this, then make a point of working with someone who might be able to help you. Consider joining a group like Toastmasters to become more comfortable with public speaking. Talking from personal experience I know this choice will help. Before I began networking I knew I had to get past my own public speaking fears. Committing to weekly Toastmaster meetings helped me to overcome that significant obstacle to my mindset, networking and marketing.

As you practice, continue to fine-tune your message. Experiment and try different things. Change one small part of your message each time. See if you can determine which specific words get the best response.

Remember people like to buy. Nobody likes being sold. Buying is an emotional response to a perceived need. The decision to become a client is an emotional decision, not a logical one.

When talking with others about your services you want to be seen as the person who has the solution to their problems. Pay attention to determine the “needs” of your ideal client. If you are not sure, ask them. They will be more than happy to tell you. The reason you think someone chose to work with you might not be correct. In fact, you might find their need was different than what you thought.

Now that you are aware of the mindset for marketing and turning a prospect into a client, get out there and take action. When you go to events or develop your marketing message determine a realistic goal for the event. What is the reason you are going? Create a focus and an intention. Show up at the event with a purpose.

To become a great marketer learn to connect with people on an emotional level. This is true for men and women. Build relationships being genuinely interested with the people you meet.

People love to be heard. Be patient and develop a connection. Rapport creates a sense of trust. Know, trust and like. Those are the keys to turning a prospect into a client.

Don’t worry about your elevator speech or marketing message. Find one way to connect with the people you meet. Take the time to listen to them. People want to be heard. Look for the connection and then share something about yourself with them which relates to the discussion, developing rapport.

When you do get a chance to make a pitch is it client attractive? Do you focus on how you can serve them or is it technical describing the details of what you do?

People enjoy stories. We are story tellers by nature. Find a way to weave in a story about how you solved a problem for one of your clients. Talk with passion about what you do and how you were of service to this person. Allow your enthusiasm to shine through.

When I go to my weekly networking meetings, one member always has a chance to present for ten minutes. If the person is talking about how they have helped their customers with stories of getting a project done, the time flies by quickly. On the other hand, when the speaker discusses the technical aspect and theory of their business, many times I feel like time has slowed down. I look around the room and can see the attention of the other members has shifted because the presenter has lost them. Create rich stories others can relate to easily.

Combine all the aspects of networking into a formula which feels genuine. Develop a plan. Determine which events you want to attend on a regular basis and which special events you want to attend to expand your reach. Develop the strategy to connect with people and educate them about your services. Remember, focus on the emotional connection instead of the technical work. For example when I take my car to the mechanic I am not interested in what tools will be needed to get the job done. I want to know the job will be taken care of by someone who I can trust, will charge me a reasonable price and have my car ready as quickly as possible.

Practice active listening and finding a way to connect with others. Not only will this help during networking events, it will help in all of your relationships. Be genuine, confident and present. Listen for the problem and then discuss how you have the solution. Make an impression by sharing a client story and how you helped solve a problem. Think about ways you helped someone save money, save time and made it easy for them. These solutions are very client attractive. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will become. Focus on building relationships and you will become a client attraction magnet.

Activity: Ready to try networking? You only have about 8 seconds to make a first impression. You want to use that time well. Therefore the very first thing to do is smile!

The first thing to do is to introduce yourself and develop rapport. Find the connection between you and the person you are speaking with. Think of four or five conversational questions you can use easily and naturally. Practice using them.

Next take the time to listen. Don’t be so focused on the next thing you want to say. Instead listen. Is there something they said which interested you or you related to? Did they talk about something which applies to your services and you might have the ideal solution for? If so, great and keep the conversation going a little longer. Remember to use the persons name in your conversation. This will help you to remember who they are and it helps to create rapport.

Feel free to ask for their business card and then offer yours as well. I write a note on the business cards I receive to help me remember something individual about the person.

When you are ready to move on and meet the next person, it is time to disengage. Ending a conversation can sometimes be difficult. Just like you thought about some opening questions, think about some great exit lines you can use. Thank them for their time, repeat something they said which you found interesting and then excuse yourself.

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