Many people are looking forward to making a success of their life, but I have found out that many fail to achieve their desired result because they do not have a plan on ground. You cannot go far in life unless you know exactly where you are heading to and how you intend to get there. A ship that will sail the turbulent seas is one that has set its sails. The big question is: “Do you have a plan?” Every successful man has a short, medium and long term plan.

A man who runs in a race knows the prize for success, and will not want to utilize his/her energy in vain. People who have made it in life are people who have first taken time out to make a comprehensive success plan based on their area of competence and skills.

Every well built house started in the form of a plan which highlights the major area that will be included in the building. If the plan is not properly followed, it may lead to the collapse of the building. Your plan must be able to have direction and focus. This will enable you to determine where to go and how to get to your desired destiny and purpose in life. a focused based plan will eliminate the possibility of been distracted as you go about your plan.

The reason many fail in executing their plan in life, is the absence of focus. They start well but end badly. Your plan must be time based and realistic. Time is a crucial factor in the success of any plan. Imagine making a plan without a time frame attached to it. This will result in a situation where the individual will not be able to measure the success rate of such plan.

A plan can be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly depending on the task involved. It must also be realistic. If you know you monthly earning cannot enable you to execute a plan, why bother drawing up such a plan? Ensure that your plans are practical and not unrealistic.

Finally, the essence of drawing up a plan is to ensure that one is making progress in life no matter how small. This implies that you must start from small plans before venturing into making big plans. The achievement of small goals gives you the impetus to go for bigger goals in life. A man who is learning to drive a car does not start driving on a high way. The learning process starts from a minor to a major road.

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Clement Sadjere is an Author/Motivational Speaker with a passion of empowering entrepreneurs with ideas and wealth creation tips. He owns a personal blog which contains motivational and inspirational resources for entrepreneurs.