Over 81% of people want to write a book! Now there are a variety of reasons for this among them they have romanced the idea of a "writer's life." More importantly they have something to share with the rest of the world. But the real benefit in writing a book is that it gives you credibility, visibility, and leverages your experience and expertise.

A book will boost your business whether it is a tip booklet, a how to, a strategy guide, or your story. The great part about a book is that it is the ultimate business card. Imagine the reaction when instead of handing over a business card, you offer an autographed copy of your book. People love to meet authors; they are often somewhat awed because they want to do what you have accomplished with your book. And, your book will give you an easy product to sell on your website, through your blog, by your ezine, and on amazon.com. You can excerpt it into ebooks samplers to provide as bonuses in joint venture promotions, garnering more exposure and visibility for you and your business.

My book has opened the door to speaking engagements, radio and TV interviews, an article series, and major visibility, credibility, and ultimately profitability. It allows me to use the title of author in my credentials and always invites questions when I meet prospects. It is also an instant and easy gift that I keep with me at all times for those I meet.

Did it take me years to write, absolutely not. I wrote my first and second books each in a week, my third I turned out in just two days. The key is that I already had all the experience, learning, and research completed. You probably do to! What I didn't have is a system, and that is what truly makes writing a book simple, easy, and quick. Join Donna Kozik and me on September 30, 2pm EST for a call that does exactly that! Systems make success simple.

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