It's funny that usually you associate traffic with road rage, time lost, and general frustration and hassle, BUT online and offline it is targeted traffic that means the difference between a successful business and one that doesn't make it. So I'm going to share just 5 easy and quick ways you can generate and capture more leads to your business today:

Create an Opt-in Page:
This can sit as a portal to your website or be a stand alone page but it is vital as a destination for your traffic. You see just getting visitors to your website isn't very effective if you aren't capturing their contact for follow up. And very rarely does anyone buy at the first visit so you need to get their contact and their permission for follow up. Your opt-in, often known as a "squeeze" page (you are squeezing their information out of them) needs to have a valuable gift of some format for them. You can provide a digital download (no inventory cost) of an ebook, a special report, a tip sheet, a white paper, an article. It needs to be something that they will have a burning desire to know and that is truly valuable information.

Your Signature File:
This is powerful and so simple to do. Every email you send or reply to has the capacity for a signature file to be attached. In your signature file you want to include your business name, a tag line about what you do, and the link to your opt-in page. You can also include your social media links like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIN but the most important is to drive people reading your email to your opt-in.

Tweet it on Twitter:
Be sure to put a link to your opt-in page in your twitter profile. You can also share it creatively in your Tweets and with selected followers (no spamming and no mass pitching!) Remember you are providing a valuable gift to followers and potential followers and simply want the opportunity to follow up consistently and persistently.

Get More Fans on Facebook:
Add your opt-in to your Facebook Fan page (aka business profile page) this is often done in the left hand column toward the top for easy notice. It is one way of giving a gift to everyone who expresses an interest in becoming a fan and ensures that you capture their contact when they decide they want your digital download.

Wear It on the Back of Your Business Card:
Print your opt-in URL (domain name) clearly on the back of your business card. You can even include the words Free Gift and provide a Value, so it looks like Free Gift ($47 value) or something like that. Adding the value gives the person curious a reason to check it out. So much is free that we question it's value, state it loud and clear from $27 to $127 and beyond, you determine it.

These are just a few simple and effective ways to drive more targeted traffic to your business. Get the motherlode of winning strategies, proven techniques, and tested tools all for Free ($1197 value) at 15 Internet Traffic Generation Masters are going to share their favorite insider secrets to explode your business, register today!

Do you have traffic generation tips? Love to read about them in the comments.

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