There are five key traits or habits that all successful people share. What separates average people from those who achieve great success can be attributed to these five fundamental characteristics that I call "success secrets". This is the third in a series of five articles, each dealing with one of these five success secrets. Said another way:

Success Secrets #3: "Great Ideas Are Worthless If You Don't Act on Them"

Have you ever had a great idea about an invention or concept that really seemed to make perfect sense? It's a very common occurrence. I'll use my son's idea when he was just a small child, as an example. He said: "Daddy, why don't people's houses have clickers like your car?" What he meant was: "Why don't we have the same technology to open the front door of our house as our car does with the keychain remote?"

Most of us have had situations like this where we said: "I thought of that!". But, did you take action? Well, the successful people among us DO take action.

Important side note: most successful people often fail several times before they achieve success. In fact, on average, they fail at least 3-5 times before they land on a winner.

Going back to my son's example: It started with an inspired thought or "great idea". Next, came 'the dream' or 'visualization of the outcome'. Now, think of your own experience. Have you ever had a concept, song, invention, etc. that you've thought was a great idea?

Of course you have! Everyone has these from time to time. But, to achieve success with a great idea, you have to ask yourself: "How far am I willing and able to go with this idea?". Can you visualize what great opportunities are ahead of you if you just take one more "baby step" towards attaining your dream?

The key to attaining success with any idea is to build "momentum" towards your goal.

Building momentum is easier than you might think. It starts with taking a first baby step toward your dream or goal, followed by another, then another. Don't try to tackle it all at once. Break it down into very small pieces. For example: just go online and "Google" a description of your idea & print out the first page of results that Google returns. That's a baby step! The next day, you might explore one or two of the results that your printed out from Google and so on.....

Or, if you're trying to lose weight, just start with one small exercise -- maybe take a short walk each day and starting building up the distance over time, or add another exercise like stretching, etc. You get the idea.....

The key to building momentum is to just get yourself started up the slope, taking one small step at a time. With each baby step, you are getting closer to your goal and it becomes more real and more attainable as you keep taking action!

Successful people aren't necessarily smarter or have better ideas, they simply understand that taking action is associated with momentum.

Once you start taking action, you'll crest the top of the slope, then gravity will take over and you will begin to glide toward your goals. Now you're experiencing real "momentum"!

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