The past got us to where you we now but that doesn’t mean that our present has to decide our future. The external circumstances of our world do not determine the kind of person internally we are.
Everybody has a choice for change. Make your choice in the knowledge that you can be in a far better place by not bringing a paralysing past life to all your ideas around what your future should look like. Be strong in the belief that you now have opportunity. Take ownership of your future with a successful template of how you would see it acted out.
Your future is yours just as much as your past. Own it, love it, live it.
Don’t see your Self marginalised and stop comparing your Self to others. Their failure or their success has no bearing on what you can be by your own choice and desire. Be more conscious of the limitless nature of your very existence.
Turn on the tap of Self-abundance that really comes from within. Like switching on that light, you can let the world see your potential to shine.
Without agendas, this natural recognition will reveal who you want to be and then your world responds accordingly. Truth loves truth. Success loves success. We can’t but admire the honesty of somebody turning on the light of who they are and who they should be.
The radiance of you wanting to be a better You is immense.
In every engagement and all facets of your life this turned on light of Self becomes evident, recognised and admired. It’s like moving up a gear in your interactions as you bring a new energy and freshness to what you’re doing.
You are now teaching your Self that you can give your Self a future - just as the world that you have experienced has given you a past - only this time the future is far more influenced by the You you have decided to be, the You of completion and success.
A friend of mine once said ‘if things don’t change around here they’ll stay exactly the same’ and he’s right! Your first change comes from your decision about your future and how you want your world to be. Make that change.
It doesn’t matter where you are now or the seeming futility of your situation.
There is always an opportunity for newness.
There is always an opportunity to choose a different perspective on a seemingly same and contained life. Even within business the biggest boost you can offer to any company is that of bringing the dynamic of change and engagement. Parallels exist in all walks of life - families, love affairs, hobbies. This simple shift of perspective has such a huge impact that most people are totally surprised by the vast difference a small adjustment to the thinking process can make to their experience of life.
Bring out your own brilliance as you learn to appreciate, trust and value the objective of being the better You.

Author's Bio: 

Geoffrey J Canavan, Success Expert, business owner and author of 'Solved! The Truth about Real Success'