You work so hard to create the life you dream of living, but do you have enough Success Esteem to actually allow all that goodness into your life?

Over the years, I have seen far too many highly competent and highly confident people work tirelessly to create success, and yet when success "comes a knockin" they consistently find a way to sabotage it and "make it go away".

In my 10+ years of coaching work I have found that having self-esteem does NOT ensure success esteem!

Although success is inorganic, I have seen much evidence that - like people - success has "feelings". In the same way that people will go away if you criticize and reject them often and hard enough, success and money seem to have the same reaction to criticism and rejection.

The problem is that most people do not have any idea that they are criticizing and rejecting the very things they say they want, i.e., success! For most people these criticisms and rejections are deep within their inner belief system.

There was a time in my life when all I could see was how consistently hard I was working and how much I lacked the very things I was working, security, comfort, connection, independence, fun, joy, etc. This sense of lack was also accompanied by a lack of gratitude for what I did have.

During that time, I had well-meaning people telling me to "think positive and success will come your way". So I practiced and practiced and practiced "thinking positive" and still I wasn't getting the good things I was dreaming of and working for.

And then I figured it out...If you have hidden inner negative beliefs about the success you seek and/or you worthiness of receiving that success, these beliefs will ALWAYS OVERRIDE your "positive thinking" efforts. The Universe is not listening to what you say...The Universe is paying complete and total attention to the inner beliefs you have about yourself and the success you desire. In other words, what you are "really" thinking.

Think of it like this...Have you ever encountered a person who has bad body odor and they tried to mask it with heavy perfume or cologne? You can still smell the stink and the perfume just makes the smell even more pungent...and makes you want to get away from it.

It works the same way with success. If you try to mask your negative, conflicting inner beliefs about success and your sense of unworthiness, success will always smell your inner "stinkin' thinkin" and will want to get away from you.

To allow success into your life you must have Success Esteem which comes from putting your inner beliefs into genuine alignment with your goals and desires! This requires stepping out of your history. To begin the process uncovering your inner conflicting beliefs you can use the basic rules of "Stop, Look and Listen."

Stop: Stop fighting the inner battle. It's a fact that "What you resist will persist." So stop resisting the struggle and stay present to what's going on inside. Take notes and write down your observations regarding each side of the inner tug-of-war.

Look: Look for the common threads within your struggles and challenges. Perhaps you've lost several different jobs, or several different relationships, but what were the common circumstances, events and results? You are the consistent denominator in each situation, so you must be prepared to take responsibility for the role you and your inner beliefs played in creating these undesired events in your life.

Listen: Listen to the inner dialog associated with the inner conflict. What is it trying to tell you? What does it want you to know? What is it afraid of? What does it want for you that is more important than giving you the success that you want?

Use the information you gather to begin locating the true intentions of your inner conflicting beliefs. As you uncover the intentions, you can begin shifting your inner beliefs to create inner Success Esteem. You can live the life you dream of living!

Are you ready now to step out of your history?

Power On!

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