What if everything you need for success was already available to you? You hold the key to your future. Instead of looking for the solutions outside of you, tap into your mind’s eye and envision your future.

Everything you need is within you. Your mind is unable to discriminate between imagination and reality. This is powerful. Harness the power of your imagination and visualize your success.

According to the Law of Attraction, envision your success as if it is in the present and has already happened. The more detail you bring into this mental image, the better. Once again remember you want to really focus on your goal as if you have already achieved it.

Your mind will begin scouting for opportunities to help you succeed. Feeling strong and positive about your goal is necessary for your success. If there is any doubt about your goal, subconsciously you will create a subtle negative energy. This energy, although unconscious, will affect your outcome.

This powerful tool, your imagination, also has a very real physical impact. It creates new neuro-pathways in your brain in the same way as if you were actually doing that activity. Repeatedly visualizing your success strengthens those pathways and contributes to actually attaining your goal.

Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Think about that. You can do it! The answer lies with the power of visualization. Be a visionary.
Toni is a very accomplished musician. She was preparing for her first performance with a new band and wanted to impress the band leader. Right before their first gig together, she was feeling really nervous. This was more than the typical anticipation before a show. Toni was focusing on everything which could possibly go wrong. Her performance anxiety was at a near-panic level. When she became uptight she also became more controlling. This was upsetting for her, but she didn’t know what to do to stop it.

During our session we visualized the performance. First I had Toni imagine the performance and everything that could possibly go wrong in detail, including leaving behind important equipment, sound problems and tripping as she walked onstage. As each problem occurred, we also imagined Toni coming up with a solution for each difficulty. This approach began to bring her anxiety down because now she could anticipate problems and knew the solution.
Strategize by visualizing a specific situation from all different circumstances. Prepare for everything. Avoid being caught off guard by the unexpected. Imagine working through each possibility. With this creative process your success rate goes way up.

Because my goal is to always turn a negative into a positive, creating solutions was important. Next we went through the visualization again. This time she was instructed to envision the ideal performance. The show going as smoothly as it possibly could, including her playing a great solo and being in the “zone.” After her stellar imagined performance, her anxiety was gone. Before she left we discussed some strategies to prevent some of those mishaps from happening, figuring out systems, diagrams and checklists.

At our next session, Toni told me about the performance. She admitted there was one glitch where she needed an extra cable. Because she visualized that happening, as soon as she got home after our session she made sure there were extra cables in her car “just in case”. Aside from that, Toni was beaming as she told me there was a full house. She said the show went as smoothly as she hoped, including her solo.
Visualize your success. Really see yourself having achieved your goal. Make it as real as you possibly can by bringing all of your senses into play. See it, feel it, be it. Create a mindset for success.

Focus on your success as if it is already happening. Your brain is unable to discriminate between reality and visualization. That is why dreams can feel so real when you are having one. The beauty of visualizing something as if it is happening now is your subconscious mind is going to begin looking for opportunities which reinforce your visualized reality.

When you continue to access that feeling of success, it changes your perception about your current reality. You will begin to alter how you hold yourself, the way you respond to other people and how you work in your business. Gradually your self-identity will begin to respond. You are creating a positive mindset for success.

"Visualization may be the most underutilized success tool that you possess" claims
Jack Canfield. Align yourself with the feeling of success. The change will be subtle, but over time the shift in your behavior and your identity will be substantial. Feel empowered as you consistently reinforce a winning inner game. Instead of waiting for destiny to happen, take charge in creating your success.

The choice is yours. Do you want to remain in a comfortable, familiar place or are you ready to take a leap of faith toward your bigger purpose? You are as limited as you believe you are. Choose to step out of your comfort zone. Open your mind and tap into the infinite source of abundance. Success is thinking bigger.

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