Life gives us so many opportunities to steer a direction or to plot a course. In many instances we choose to complicate this process by mindless compromising of our own Self-value.
It’s not about who wins. Life is about our perception of being a winner. Even if you don’t come first you can still hold winner status in your own personal journey.
This is far more important than winning at any price, particularly if it necessitates compromising. Believe me; every one of us will know when we have compromised to the point of Self loss.
Success doesn’t have a size. Success has a realisation.
Stop hiding your Self from opportunities through a history of empty communication. The story of the distribution deal is a great example of empty communication. Nobody involved put a real value on truth and Self worth and so we engaged in a dance of illusion, playing to the ego nature of our humanity and dealing with everything but the truth, which inevitably came to the fore eventually.
There is a great abundance in truth. It’s almost like giving your Self back to your Self or rediscovering a real inner honesty that carries incredible power, complete and perfectly fine.
Nobody ever started life with the intention of making themselves a failure but, if your world is filled with a lack of Self-union, then it becomes an easy option to keep functioning as the successful failure you know you’re not.
Through purpose and fullness you can break that repeat pattern of empty communication and restore the Self-respect you so richly deserve. By respecting your Self you automatically come to respect others and hence the way you interact and the outcome of your day-to-day relationships evolve to a new level.

Author's Bio: 

Geoffrey J Canavan, Success Expert, business owner and author of 'Solved! The Truth about Real Success'