Each and every one of us has the potential to be the successful person we admire, read about or see on our TV screens if that is what we really want or that is to be our journey.
Have no doubt about it, you can be the superstar you want to be, but just keep reminding your Self to take ownership of what you want.
The world teaches us about limitation and far too often the limitation becomes the essence of who we are. By believing in a non-limited Self, you take away the barriers to truth. You learned from the earliest of ages that two and two is four and that rules are always set in stone. Sometimes in life two and two is not four and sometimes the rules change.
Belief defines the real rules of life. Use this knowledge to support your confidence in your own ability and your own Self-achievement. Be inspired by the greatness of the unbelievable. The real superstars are often the ones who choose to defy the rule of ‘I can’t’ and replace it with ‘I can’.
Do not confuse happiness with fame. There is no need to use the success and fame you witness as a reminder of how failed you think your life or your career has been.
Success is always a relative state and measured on an individual basis.
It’s very important not to get caught in that trap of Self-deception whereby you look around and see a world that’s full of success and then look at what you perceive as your own failed endeavours. This is not so.
Remember that nothing is beyond you. So can anything really exceed your own willingness to be true to your own Self and the dreams that that Self wants to achieve? The answer is no. Regardless of what you witness, you must remember to refuse to change your mind about your Self and about your own inheritance of successfulness.
Owning your own life in all respects is real superstardom.
Do not decide against your Self but rather decide for your Self, for your future and for the life you can live. Be prepared to just give your Self that break and to stop being quite so hard in comparisons and views of the world around you. Let go all of the old values of limitation and really see a world where you can decide so much more and be so much happier in the knowledge that achievement is just waiting for you at every twist and turn.
There is no need to complicate your world with comparisons or doubt. The essence of your success is eternal and therefore it is also Now. Now is your time, your time to be the You you didn’t think existed; the You that was forgotten but never actually gone. Wake up to the dawn of what you can be and realise it’s there waiting for you.
You can very easily make a decision to forget the inherent right to be who you want to be. What you need is a greater willingness to remember. Your willingness to remember will bring you back to your reality again. What you’re doing is accepting the truth: the truth of your inheritance, the truth of your ability and the truth of being that flagship of success in whatever area you so desire.

Author's Bio: 

Geoffrey J Canavan, Success Expert, business owner and author of 'Solved! The Truth about Real Success'