There is a proverb that gives a warning: This is an accident waiting to happen. A dangerous situation has been created and it is inevitable that an accident will happen, sooner or later. Let’s reverse this idea and let us do all the things that will lead on to success. In other words, this is success waiting to happen. Very soon you will be successful or more successful.

Shakespeare penned a similar idea: There is a time in the affairs of man when taken at the flood leads on to success. Shakespeare was referring to a power that we can all use to create success if we are on the right track.

Here is another proverb that also helps with remembering that there are many ways to achieve success: There is more than one way to skin a cat.

I failed all the way to success: is a quote by Thomas Edison, the inventor of the electric light bulb and the founder of the conglomerate that became General Electric. In other words, never give up, and if at first you don’t succeed look for other approaches that will lead on to success.

B: Believe that you can be a success and Brim with ideas because it is ideas that kickstart the journey to success.
L: Let go of limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are mere doubts, so exchange these thoughts for more positive thoughts. Let them go, one by one and free yourself to make the most of every second. Learn to feel the limitless power of being.
E: Embrace the fullness of what is. Exchange excuses for a more exciting way of life.
S: See a wonderful world full of success, with you having your share of success.
S: Solve problems and create solutions, by develping more effective ways to do things. Substantive value is within you – draw it out, draw it out.

Y: You have opportunity right now. Are you going to let it pass you by or are you going to make full use of it? You have an opportunity to make a difference.
O: Opportunities will come to fruition if you realize the opportunities of your life and live them with all you have.
U: Unfolding is a miracle if you will let it unfold.

B: Blast your way to success with a success attitude.
L: Leverage yourself towards success with a never say die attitude.
E: Energize yourself with thoughts of success and actions that support these thoughts of success.
S: Success starts first as an attitude – your attitude to be successful.
S: Strong desires are the fuel of success.

Y: Yearn for success and act for success.
O: Open yourself up for more success
U: Usefulness is a laudable aim. Useful products and services will have a higher degree of success

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