However you define your particular view of success, taking a 3D view will provide better clarity and help you reach your goals with more speed.
Success can mean different things to different people and each one is right. Whether you are seeking to improve your finances, your health, relationships or connection with your spirit, the good news is that right now there is more information and materials available on the topic than at any previous time in human history.

What then is stopping you from achieving success in any area in which you chose? I believe the answer comes down to the 3D approach.

The first D stands for Desire – are you clear about what you want and why you want it? Is it for you or for someone else? Do you have what Napoleon Hill referred to as a white hot desire that will get you up early and keep you up late?
The derivation of the word enthusiasm is en Theos or through God. In other words when we have passion or enthusiasm for a task or project, we are expressing the divinity within us. Take a minute to reflect on this statement:

Your heart’s desire and God’s will is the same thing

These incredibly powerful words are a key component in you achieving the success you are seeking. If you are in touch with a strong will and purpose you will find the motivation and resources you need to be successful. If you are half hearted or seeking something out of alignment with your true self then it will be all the more difficult to achieve. This is why it is so important to believe in what you are doing rather than trying to run someone else’s race.

The Second D stands for Discipline – the daily actions which take you in the direction of your goals. The word discipline often has negative associations yet can be seen as an expression of self control and mastery.

The price of discipline is always less than the pain of regret – Robin Sharma

Let’s imagine your success goal is losing weight and feeling vibrant and healthy. The discipline involved may be to cut out certain foods which don’t serve you, or committing to exercise 3 times per week or drinking 2 litres of water per day.
Discipline is like a muscle which can be developed and just as you would not start at the gym by lifting the biggest weights, you can begin by taking small steps and gradually increasing. Start by setting a goal for something that you can achieve and stick to it. Then gradually build momentum.

Researchers on the NASA space programme found that it can take between 21 and 29 days to create a new habit. The neuro pathways in the brain are like a well trodden path through a forest. At first there is no trail to follow then it gradually becomes clearer, until eventually with regular use the forest trail and the brain connections have been clearly formed.

So if it’s that easy to do why don’t more people achieve success? Because it’s also easy NOT to do it. It’s easy to stay in bed rather than go for a walk or run. It’s easy to eat that cake or smoke that cigarette and that’s the problem. If you have not exercised your disciple muscles for a while then it is easier not to stick with your commitment. So begin with something small, experience success, build the muscle and then look for more.

The third D stands for Determination – this is essential for when the bumps in the road appear. You have your strong desire, you have your daily disciples in place but almost inevitably, things will not always go smoothly. This is when you need you determination to succeed.

You may find that other people are critical or try and hold you back. Visualise crabs in a bucket. When one tries to make a break for freedom the others grab and pull it back. It’s hard to create a new set of habits and routines in your old environment and therefore it makes sense to surround yourself with supportive and energising people.

Look for new associations, whether face to face or online. Read empowering books and listen to uplifting audios. If necessary reduce or even eliminate your old associations which are not in alignment with the new person that you are seeking to become.

So now you have the 3D view of success. Desire, Discipline and Determination. Set your goals, commit to daily action and stay the course. Stop reading and go do it! Your bright future starts right now!

Author's Bio: 

Daniel Britton is an author, social entrepreneur and inspirational speaker. He is the publisher of the internationally renowned personal development newsletter A Design for Life.