With the rise of entrepreneurship after the 2008 Financial crises, we witnessed a lot of success stories from all around the world. Young people finally took matters into their own hands and start making big steps towards prosperity. Most of the influential people we’re going to mention in this list live their dreams and don’t have 9 to 5 jobs and 30 minute lunch breaks. They are from different continents and countries and the only thing that connects them is their desire to go all the way to the top and the ability to use their ideas in the most productive and creative ways.

Vanesa Kolodziej, Argentina

Vanessa started several tech companies and is a mother of 5 year old daughter. Her most famous project is the e-commerce company called Comunia. She is also a co-founder of PalermoValley, one of the first Argentinian startup support networks. In last few years she invested a lot of money in different accelerator funds across Latin America, and is one of the main supporters of growing entrepreneurship trends in this part of the world.

Timothy Sykes, United States

He is the guy who turned his bar mitzvah savings into $1,65 million and became one of the most famous young traders. Timothy raised to stardom during the Dot-com era, when he started buying stocks from companies that were adding “.com” abbreviations to their names. Later he open several hedge funds and start organizing courses for people who want to get rich with dealing penny stocks. Later he become a famous infulenter and gave lesssons to some other future stock millionaires, who successfully implemented tactics they learned from Timothy Sykes onto penny stock market.

Patric Ngowi, Tanzania

Patric is one of the most successful African entrepreneurs who managed to open one of the most prosperous companies in Tanzania and solve the biggest problem in his country, an electric shortage. His company Helvetic Solar Contractors is installing and maintaining solar systems all around this beautiful and sunny Africa, and bringing electric power to the most isolated villages. Patric started his business with a small loan he took from his mother and last year his company had more than $3 million of revenue.


Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, India

She is one of the most successful businesswomen in India. She received bachelor degree in Zoology and was a post graduate in Melbourne University. Her company called Biocon is one of the leaders in biomedicine, and researches in fields of diabetes studies and oncology. She received numerous awards from the Indian government for her success in different researches that changed modern medicine .

Matt Barrie, Australia

Matt was always a tech geek, he became bachelor in Sydney and then moved to Stanford for his master’s degree. In 1994 his team won Australian National Universities Programming Championship and in 2009 he founded Freelancer.com one of the most popular outsourcing market places which now grossed to several hundred million dollars and has more than 14 million users.

Joelle Frijters and Janneke Niessen, Netherlands

In 2008 these two ladies opened a company called Improve Digital, and in first years they worked from office in their home. Now their company has more than 60 employees from 14 different countries. Improve Digital is constantly growing and it deals with real time advertising technology and premium digital media, and soon they are going to build their own Ad System. This company received several awards on its growth with Deloitte Fast50 being one of those.

Author's Bio: 

James D. Burbank has worked for years in traditional as well as online marketing. He has worked in Central Asia, Europe and Australasia in recent years.