Getting yourself together and succeeding in life is something that has to be accomplished by everybody for a better, more relaxing life. But the road to self-improvement and developing a set of success skills that will help you in the long run is a rather more complicated, but necessary one. Below are some of those skills that all 30-year-olds should acquire as fast as possible. Success comes in many shapes and forms but you still need to work on yourself for it.


Time management skills

Time is the most valuable thing that one has, and wasted, it cannot be recovered in any shape or form. If you want to master life after turning 30, make sure that you develop better time-management skills as fast as possible. After turning 30, you are more likely to consider starting a family on your own, but at the same time, career goals seem to be more soliciting than before. In fact, many issues in life start from not having enough time. While you certainly want to dedicate your attention to your career, with proper time management skills you will certainly succeed to deal with a family life and a clear career goal at the same time. While the average entrepreneur spends daily at their businesses sometimes more than 12 hours, this isn’t really necessary. Of course, you can delegate tasks to others and find the necessary time to spend some quality hours daily with your family. Learning time management skills will make you a better entrepreneur and a far better family man.

Get some investment skills

Investing your money wisely while still in the workforce will assure you a pleasant and relaxing retirement. The average retirement income in the UK is just above £14,000, which is much lower than the average salary. This means that while you may lead a comfortable life while you’re still young, without any sort of investments, retirement won’t come with a much too comfortable living standard for you. A pension fund is necessary of course, but what if you can manage to be the owner of one of those successful mental pressing companies when at an older age? Without wise investments while you still have a good income, you won’t be able to live a comfortable life later. Whether you invest in real estate properties, or in arts and other valuables, or even in a new business, you have to get those skills that are necessary for living a relatively good life. Saving money is not particularly a great solution, as you don’t know how monetary appreciation or depreciation will act on your currency in the future. Safe investments are those you want to look after.

Learn email protocol as part of your business skills

Emails are the main communication mean in today’s business world and acquiring proper email protocol notions will help you develop better relationships with your clients, collaborators and even bosses. Keeping projects on track and communicating effectively has to be one of your main goals regardless of the fact that you are an entrepreneur or employee. All your email should include a clear and direct subject line and remember to create a very professional email address to use at work. You should also pay increased attention to who you reply, as major errors may appear this way and you can potentially damage your career is not attentive enough. Professional salutations matter as well, as these have the potential to say so much about you as a professional and individual.

Practical and “handyman” skills matter

You want to be able to do something with your own hands, something practical. In case the economy goes wrong and the field in which you currently activate knows a decline, you want to have a backup plan that will help you provide for your family in the long run. Besides, getting some practical skills will help you manage with more success various duties around the house. You don’t necessarily need those to end up working for one big metal fabrication manufacturer – although these jobs are incredibly well-paid – you need those as a self-development part of your life. Besides, practical skills will help you manage various issues that may appear around the house yourself: a leaky pipe, a broken door knob and so on. You don’t want to spend money on plumbers and “experts” for every little issue that may appear.

Learn how to handle constructive criticism

Not everybody is open to taking criticism with a positive and open attitude, but all professionals have to have this skill. As long as the critiques are addressed in a constructive fashion and have the potential of improving your work, these will do you more good than you expect them to. Take constructive criticism with a positive attitude in your interpersonal relationships as well, as you will certainly bound more meaningful ones in time. This type of objections will help you evaluate in a beautiful and intelligent fashion. Receiving such criticism well is one of those interpersonal skills you should definitely have.

Learn how to effectively carry a conversation with strangers

Talking with someone new can be a frightening experience for many of us, but after turning 30, you may be required to do it more frequently than before. Communicating effectively with strangers will open new opportunities for you, no matter we’re speaking of collaboration opportunities or friendships. This can affect the trajectory of your career, not to mention the fact that shyness in a 30-year-old doesn’t look too good, regardless of the context.

From practical to interpersonal skills, these matter as they can dictate the trajectory of your life in the future. And while you’re already 30, there are still so many opportunities which may appear for your career or personal life, so you want to make sure that you don’t spoil those by lacking some basic sets of skills. Learn how to speak with people, learn how to perform yourself some basic practical tasks, and you certainly want to seek those meaningful, long-term collaborations.

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Cynthia Madison is a young blogger and economics and marketing graduate. She writes about home, lifestyle and family topics and is a frequent contributor to popular niche publications.