It is the dream of millions to get an abroad study scholarship. Moreover, they approach the best study abroad consultants to learn about the factors to study abroad. However, it is definitely one of the most memorable moments, when you get through the process of selection. To his surprise, Manu Chauhan, a Class 12 student of UP received this wonderful chance of studying abroad. He is ready to take off for the country of his dreams within a few days. Do you want to know the source? Well, it is the 100% scholarship of Stanford University. So, we will like to throw some light on his remarkable journey, starting from Aligarh to the United States. Seems dream? However, for this brilliant boy, it is a reality now. A bright future is definitely awaiting the village salesman's son.
Light After The Struggling Days
Chauhan comes from a financially backward family of Akrabad village, belonging to the Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh. VidyaGyan is a co-ed school of the state, run by Shiv Nadar Foundation, engaged in imparting education to underprivileged students for high-quality education. Therefore, it focuses on providing the standard education to the deserving and meritorious students for studying abroad. However, the authorities take a selection test among more than two lakh students applying every year. This time, Manu Chauhan managed to get placed among the top 250 students who qualified for this test. Moreover, the school basically is built only to give free education to the students whose family income is below Rupees One Lakh.
Chauhan's father works as a salesman for a small insurance company. Manu is his only child and the ray of hope to bring some development in the household. It needs to mention that his son is capable enough to give a tight fight to the urban students. From childhood, the boy has always remained a bright student. His teachers of VidyaGyan always supported him and encouraged him to achieve bigger heights in life. The first step of it was applying for the Standford University scholarship. This program is going to cover all his tuition fees abroad as well as the high living expenses. Thus, the 100% Scholarship reward came as a boon for the whole family. Moreover, Manu is the talk of the town presently, as he made the whole district proud with his amazing performance. It was just beyond expectation.
On being asked, Manu exclaimed that the cancellation of the final broad examinations cannot cast a serious effect on this selection. He added that study abroad scholarships do not depend upon the marks of the 10+2 boards. Hence, he was pretty confident about his performance.
Selection For Course
His obtained marks in Grade X were 95.4%. Moreover, Chauhan also got rewarded twice in the Educational Testing for Assessment of Scholastic Skills. Not only this but also his talents were visible in the sports and extra-curricular activities too. He was one of the participants of the Inter-class debate competition and won the prize for the Best Speaker. Subsequently, Manu is also the Gold Medal winner of the Open State Table Tennis Championship in 2018. His teachers always stood beside him throughout his academic journey. VidyaGyan counseled Manu in every step to achieve this milestone. And all this hard work paid off when he scored 1470 out of the total marks of 1600 in the SAT examination. It was really commendable to score such high marks in such a tough exam. This proves his dedication to meet the fixed goal.
Manu Chauhan has received a scholarship for the course Relations and Economics at Stanford University. The young man will be flying to the US this August. About his future endeavors, he has mentioned the willingness to work abroad in international relations. Moreover, he definitely wants to contribute immensely towards the betterment of the education system in rural India. Undoubtedly, he has expressed gratitude towards all the people who supported him constantly. Chauhan wants to reside in United Nations and prosper more in the chosen field. He is the pride of the entire India. Along with his family, friends, and teachers, the higher authorities also congratulated Manu for this outstanding performance.
Admissify also likes to wish him Good Luck for all his upcoming days. It is really a privilege to get an honor from such a prestigious university. Manu is a real genius who has surpassed even the urban students of India.

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