We aspire for our dreams our vision and ambition, we strive to achieve them. Everyone wants to see their dreams to become a reality, I do, you do, we all do. In fact, most of us are in the pursuit of everything that improves our chances of success and it's good if you're like that.

Imagine the last time you had the taste of success, you remember that don't you? Recall and relive the moment, the feelings, the emotions, and the excitement you had at that moment, yes how pleasant isn't it?

Now thought the sense of achievement stays with you still, I hope, do you feel the same excitement, emotion, and pleasure as you did back then now? Why? Have you ever imagined why?
I mean you did do something you are still proud of, you got an achievement, it gave you that immense sense of satisfaction, then why isn't that sustained still?

Is it because that moment of success is a matter of past? Does it no more exist then? I would be very mistaken if I try to discredit that moment which I certainly won't but I want to divert your attention towards something I believe is more important.

That success became a reality because of the effort and struggle you've gone through to make it so. There is a huge mountain of maybe pain, suffering, tolerance and motivation that lies beneath that surface of success. More the level of success, more the level of the concealed hurdles and hard word I suppose.

Now, what made you overcome and conquer all that lied beneath? all those undesirable things which you overcome to achieve what you want, how did you do that? it could be a cluster of things, your will power, your motivation, your desire, and so on and so forth.

And in this journey, do you recall the bits of satisfaction and happiness you managed to gather after every moment and every effort that brought you closer to your goal? That every achievement, no matter how little or how small it appears to be now, or how insignificant it sounds like when you think of it, it did make you happy, it did make you stronger, it motivated you and it kept you going.

Look, it's good to have success, I congratulate you for every small achievement you've ever had and I wish more for you. Success isn't about one event, had it been like that, we would lose the purpose of life, what would you do if you achieve what you wanted? ponder.

I mean, is there nothing after that successful moment? is it the pinnacle of my life? have I left nothing to do about after this? No, a big no.

We set another goal and life goes on, and we keep enjoying the new journey, in fact every journey is interlinked to the older one, every success is interlinked to our older achievements. Hence we must learn how to enjoy the procedure we go through for success, and that's what makes successful people successful. If you can't do that, it's difficult to sustain your determination in the journey, because some such journeys may be long and tough, some might demand more patience.

The thing is we never stop, we never should. Keep enjoying the journey, to success.

Author's Bio: 

I am an educationalist with a Master's in Psychology and a certified NLP practitioner and a hypnotherapist. Interested in people's behavior. I write about personality development and life skills.