If one was to think about what is was like for them when they were a child, one thing that might come to mind is how the people around them told them what to do. Along with this, they will probably remember that these people did a lot for them.

Therefore, it would be accurate to say that one didn’t need to think for themselves during this time. And even if they did need to do things, there would have been a lot of things that they didn’t need to do.

The Next Phase

After this had taken place for a number of years, there is a strong chance that something similar happened when they went to school. This would have been an environment where they were told what to think.

However, it would have been down to them to learn more about what they were being told. If they didn’t take in what they were being taught, it would have caused them to experience problems.

The Ideal

They would have ended up being behind the other students, and this would have stopped them from getting good grades. Their teachers would then have ended up looking into why they were not doing well.

In addition to this, their parents would also have got involved and asked them about what is going on. If one didn’t do well at school, they might be able to relate to this, or it might have been slightly different.


Instead, one might not have been given the kind of support that they needed, and their parents might not have cared. This would then have been a time when they were let down by the people who were supposed to be there for them.

One could believe that their time at school was a waste of time; they might wonder if they actually learnt anything. But if this was a time when they did well, they may have received a lot of positive feedback.

The Next Stage

Either way, once their time in the education system came to an end, they may have ended up getting a job. One may then have been told what to do, but they would be expected to do even more than they were doing before.

If one was to stop thinking about the past and to bring themselves back into the present moment, there is the chance that this is what their life is like now. Alternatively, one might still be in education and it might only be a matter of time before they have a full time job.

All Areas

But regardless of whether one is a student or not, there will be what they are told to do by the society they live in. One could also be in a relationship where they are told what to do and their partner might do a lot for them, and their parents could still try to tell them how to live their life and do things for them.

When it comes to what is taking place in the world, the mainstream media are there to inform them. There is then no reason for them to think about what is taking place around them, as it has all been done for them.

A Time and A Place

Now, there is no denying how important it is for one to learn things from others; if this didn’t take place, it would be a lot harder for them to function. There are also going to be moments when they will need other people to do things for them.

Yet, when one isn’t given the chance to develop the ability to think for themselves, it can set them up to depend on other people. The same thing can also arise when other people always do things for them.


So instead of having the ability to think for themselves and to take action when they need to, they can wait for other people to do it for them. One is then not an individual; they are nothing more than an extension of other people.

Their ability to come to their own conclusions and to take action can be severely affected, and one can be used to waiting for things to happen in their life. The power to change their life is not going to be seen as something that exists within them; it will be seen as being in the hands of other people.

Waiting Around

One is then not going to get very far in life, or they will have been able to elevate themselves through being told what to do and having other people do things for then. When it comes to the former, one is not going to be seen as successful, but when it comes to the latter, they can be seen as being a big success.

But even if one is a big success, they are unlikely to live a life that is truly fulfilling. One will have simply jumped through the hoops that have been laid out, and they will be completely estranged from their true-self.


When one has the ability to think for themselves and to take action, it will be a lot easier for them to have a fulfilling life. They will be in tune with what is taking place within them and this will be what pushes them forward.

So instead of seeing themselves as an extension of others, they will have a strong sense of who they are. This doesn’t mean that they will always do the right thing; what it means is that they won’t wait around for someone else to change their life.


If one finds it hard to take the initiative, it will be important for them to develop a strong connection with what is taking place within them. Through doing this, it will give them information that they need in order to take action.

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