As you embark on the quest of building your network marketing business online it is important that you begin to think and act like a successful business person even before the money starts to pour in. Simply put, it's your mindset that's going to make or break you in the business of online marketing. Andrew Carnegie said, “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.”

Thoughts, ideas and desires are seeds. When you plant a seed in your mind and know that it's something you can have, then, you are able to watch it unfold. For example, I once had a friend named Lynn, when she was 13 years old she decided on the types of characteristics she wanted in her future husband. She refused to lower her standards, she refused to settle, and she was willing to wait to see the desire of her heart fulfilled. Twelve years later, she met the man who is her husband now, Joel, and she knew then that she would one day marry him. They didn't marry until eleven years after they met! Over the years, she turned down plenty of guys, some of them appeared to be almost perfect. She made good choices in her relationships as to not compromise the promises she made with herself previously. Interestingly enough, Lynn didn't keep in touch with Joel over the years, nor did they live in the same country. It wasn't until many years later that an opportunity presented itself and that they both began to act on the seed that was planted in Lynn's heart.

As you can see in the story of Joel and Lynn, a seed many years ago in Lynn's heart and her subconscious mind worked toward her goal and she got exactly what she planned, a kind and loving husband. I have seen this principle work in my life and many of my friend's lives today time and time again. We want the best, we want it all, and we don't want to choose either/or. So, if you want to be successful in your personal and professional life, it is important that you understand the seed planting principle.

According to Jack Canfield, “The brain is a goal seeking organism, whatever goal you give your subconscious mind it will work night and day to achieve it”. It is very interesting that when you set a goal in mind that you want to achieve, your brain will get inspired and set things into motion where you will become aware of various opportunities that will be presented to bring you closer to your goal. Some goals may take a while, but don't sell yourself short and give up. Hold on until you have what it is you want.

Convert your desires into measurable goals and objectives and act on them. If you do not take action, it will be as if you had not decided on anything. SMART is an acronym you can think of anytime you are setting goals for yourself.
SPECIFIC- Write out your specific goal so that your mind knows what to get working on.
MEASURABLE-There should be a way of measuring your goal.
ATTAINABLE-You should choose an attainable goal, but do not let your mind talk you out of your what is possible due to lack of belief in yourself.
RISKY-There has to be a little bit of risk involved so that you can grow and work through your fears.
TIME FRAME- There must be a time frame for your goal.
The SMART goal mindset is the difference between having just a good idea and having a goal.

So consider these principles as you become successful entrepreneurs and internet network marketers!

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