When it comes to achieving something significant, it is generally not going to happen overnight. There is the chance that it could take them a number of years, or even longer than this.

The Starting Point

But while one could be in a position where they have one thing that they would like to achieve, there could be more to it. For example, their whole life might not be going as they would like it to go.

Therefore, just about everyone area of their life might need to be worked on, and this will give then plenty to do. Still, certain areas of their life might take less work than others, and so this might make it easier for them to handle.

The Goal

If one has one thing in mind that they really want to achieve, they might take the time to create a plan. This could then be a sign that they like to write things down, and that they don’t start things without thinking about what steps they are going to take.

At the same time, this might take place because they want to get off to the best start. The alternative might be for them to think about what they want to achieve and then to take action.


Through taking this approach, it might allow them to move in the right direction faster than it would if they were to make a plan. However, there is also the chance that this could cause them to waste time.

What this comes down to is that if they haven’t thought about what they need to do, they could end up taking action just for the sake of it. Doing so can give them an internal rush, but it won’t necessarily help them in the long run.


On the other hand, if they have a clear idea about what they need to do, they might not need to make a plan; it could be as simple as taking the first step. This could all change if they were to get to a point where they are unsure about what they need to do next.

And when it comes to someone who does make a plan, they could still end up changing it as time goes by. This will show that they have the ability to embrace new information, and this is going to be the sensible thing to do.


As if one has a fixed outlook on how they are going to achieve something, it could stop them from being able to achieve it. They will be facing one direction, and this will stop them from being able to see what is going on in another direction.

It is then similar to how someone will need to take another route when a road is closed. If they don’t take this route and insist on using the same road, they won’t be going anywhere.

Going With It

When something happens and one is unable to move forward, it can be normal for them to believe that something bad has happened. Regardless of what has happened, it can cause them to wonder if they should keep going.

If they were to dust themselves off and get back up, so to speak, they might soon find that they are able to keep moving. This doesn’t mean that they will be back on the same track, as it could be as if they are on another track altogether.

It Will Soon Be Clear

But as one doesn’t know everything, it is not always going to be possible for them to understand what is taking place. As times passes though, they might be able to look back on what took place and see why it had to happen.

What this shows is that being open to new information is one part of the equation; another part is to be able to let go and to trust in what is taking place. To keep going during these moments will take resilience.

Ups and Downs

One way of looking at these setbacks, would be to say that they are there to see how badly one wants to achieve something. If they were to give up after the first hurdle, they might need to ask themselves if this is something that matters to them.

In addition to this, the strength that one attains through overcome these challenges will prepare them for the next stage. One is then not just going to change once they have achieved something; they will change during each step of the way.

The Power

And what will allow them to get back up each time and to keep going when something doesn’t go to plan will be the part of them that is not willing to give up. This part of them will serve the same function that an engine does in a car.

Without this, the car is not going to be going anywhere, or if it does go somewhere, it will need to be pushed. What this empathises is how important this is when it comes to being successful.


This force could be seen as something that doesn’t just come from their mind, and that it is something that emanates from their whole being. Something within them is going to be pushing them forward and, for as long as this is there; they will continue to behave in the same way.

Through having this drive within them, it won’t matter if they don’t know something, or if they are not the most intelligent person around. If one was extremely intelligent but didn’t have the desire to a do anything, they are not going to get very far.


It has been said that some people are born with an insatiable drive for success, and that what took place during someone’s childhood years can also play a part. Nature and nurture are then at play here.

If one finds that they don’t have drive, it doesn’t mean that they are someone who will never have it. It could show that it has been covered up by years of emotional pain, for instance, and this can be worked through with the assistance of a therapist.

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