You know something is causing you to feel stuck when
you realize: "I've been here before! How did I get back
here again? Only--it's worse now... Unbelievable!" It's
actually quite common. Who hasn't witnessed a car stuck
in the mud, spinning its wheels and digging a deeper hole?

Here's how you can successfully shift into being

1. Manage your emotions.

Nothing productive can happen until you calm yourself
down. Breath consciously to give yourself more oxygen
without forcing the exhale; do it gently. People in all
walks of life have already learned how to do this with
great results.

2. Get a fresh perspective.

Step out of your current situation. Pretend you're
watching yourself on a movie screen. By distancing yourself
from the frustration of feeling stuck, you'll have the
opportunity to see what's really going on. Objectivity
helps you see more clearly.

3. Think "damage control."

Instead of making matters worse by kicking yourself for
having gotten stuck again, acknowledge yourself. Punishing
yourself with your thoughts or dwelling on your "failure"
will only cause you to feel hopeless, robbing you of the
energy and clarity you need to move forward.

4. Reinterpret the event.

When you think of life as "a process" instead of "a result"
it's easier to make a "course correction" along your
path. It's what life is all about. Pilots do this whenever
they fly from one destination to the next to accommodate air
traffic or storm patterns. It requires being flexible and
letting go of the familiar.

5. Do something else.

What are you repeatedly doing that's not working? Stop
doing it. Do something else; don't spin your wheels. Give
yourself the courage to do what you know to do. If you don't
know what that is, doing almost anything else will break
your current pattern.

6. See yourself differently.

Behavior follows self-image. See yourself in a new light.
Quit telling yourself (and others) your old tired tale.
You are not a victim of your habits unless you choose
to be. Give yourself a new story that will help you get
unstuck. Repeat your preferred story as often as you can.

7. Be resourceful.

Start with the pre-supposition that help is always available
to you. When you remind yourself that you have inner tools
and resources at your fingertips or you can phone a friend
while in your current situation, you're setting yourself up
for success. By tapping into your resources, you'll be amazed
at all the possibilities for support.

Now instead of getting stuck, you'll grow through these
situations. You'll learn from them, bless them, and move on.

The best of success to you!

Barbara McRae, MCC
The Savvy Success Coach

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Barbara McRae, MCC, author and radio show host, is Founder and Director of Savvy Success LLC ( ) and its affiliate companies. She is also the Chief Knowledge Officer of, a purpose-filled coaching company. She specializes in coaching GEN Y, business owners and self-employed professionals to create a meaningful life. She regularly appears online, in print, and in the media.